26 oktober 2017

Op 26 oktober 2017 werd de algemene beleidsnota asiel en migratie van de Staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie gepubliceerd. De beleidsnota brengt een overzicht van de belangrijkste verwezenlijkingen en beleidsprioriteiten op het vlak van asiel en migratie.  

05 oktober 2017

Het Belgisch Contactpunt van het EMN organiseerde op 05.10.2017 een bijeenkomst te Brussel over de illegale tewerkstelling van derdelanders. Deze conferentie bracht toonaangevende experten samen voor een constructieve en stimulerende dialoog over deze interessante problematiek.

04 oktober 2017

Today a new law was published on the fight against false declarations of parenthood. The Law of 19 September 2017 modifies the Civil Code, the Immigration Law, the Judicial Code and the Consular Code, and it includes preventive and repressive measures.

04 oktober 2017

In the summer of 2017, more and more transit migrants, who wish to go to the UK, were staying in the Maximilian park in Brussels. The Belgian government did not want this park to become ‘a new Calais’. A number of transit migrants were intercepted and detained. Because a lot of them were presumed Sudanese, a Sudanese delegation was invited to come to Belgium for identification. Left-wing politicians and NGOs stressed that the Sudanese regime’s human rights record is particularly worrying. Campaigns were organised to better inform the transit migrants. On 04.10.2017 these issues were debated in the Belgian Parliament.

27 september 2017

The European Commission published a mid-term review of what has been achieved so far in delivering the European Agenda on Migration. It also sets out new initiatives from the Commission to address key areas, and identifies where further efforts are needed in the coming months.

27 september 2017

In order to preserve and strengthen the Schengen area, the Commission is proposing to update the Schengen Borders Code to adapt the rules for the reintroduction of temporary internal border controls to the current needs to respond to evolving and persistent serious threats to public policy or internal security.
Hoofdthema: Borders & Visa
Trefwoorden: Schengen

22 september 2017

In het kader van het Estse voorzitterschap van de Europese Raad, organiseerde het Estse Nationale Contactpunt van het EMN op 21 en 22 september 2017 een tweedaagse conferentie. De deelnemers bogen zich over goede praktijken en uitdagingen om talent aan te trekken en te behouden voor de EU en de lidstaten.
Hoofdthema: Economische migratie
Trefwoorden: Estland, talent, EMN conferentie

13 september 2017

Today, President Jean-Claude Juncker presented next steps towards a stronger, more effective and fairer EU migration and asylum policy.
Hoofdthema: Asylum, Migration
Trefwoorden: State of the Union

06 september 2017

The judgment in joined cases C-643/15 and C-647/15 Slovakia and Hungary v Council has been delivered by the Court, calling Member States to respect the emergency relocation scheme for refugees, initiated by the EU at the height of the migration crisis
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Trefwoorden: solidarity, relocation

01 september 2017

De Internationale Organisatie voor Migratie (IOM) heeft data gepubliceerd over het aantal binnekomsten in Europa. In vergelijking met de 273.000 binnenkomsten die zijn toegekomen tussen januari en 27 augustus, zijn er ongeveer 121.000 personen toegekomen in dezelfde periode dit jaar. Bovendien, waren er geen bercihten van dodelijke slachtoffers in de Middellandse Zee sinds 9 augustus.   

29 augustus 2017

The State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration Theo Francken and the Walloon Minister for Employment have signed on 29 August a collaboration agreement intended to foster the socio-professional insertion of asylum seekers.
Hoofdthema: Integration, Reception
Trefwoorden: employment

28 juli 2017

Following up on the Commission's Action Plan to support Italy from 4 July, the EU Trust Fund for Africa adopted today a programme worth €46 million to reinforce the integrated migration and border management capacities of the Libyan authorities.

27 juli 2017

Today, the European Commission has announced a new wave of emergency support projects to help refugees in Greece.
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Trefwoorden: Greece

13 juli 2017

Today, the European Commission decided to refer Belgium to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to fully implement the Single Permit Directive (Directive 2011/98/EU). Designed to facilitate legal migration, the Directive introduces simplified procedures and a common set of rights for non-EU workers.

06 juli 2017

The return of irregular migrants is one of the main pillars of the EU’s policy on migration and asylum. In this light the EMN will conduct in 2017 a study on ‘The effectiveness of return in EU Member States: challenges and good practices linked to EU rules and standards‘. The synthesis report of this study is expected to be published at the end of 2017. The Belgian national report will probably be published at the beginning of 2018.
Hoofdthema: Return & Readmission
Trefwoorden: return

05 juli 2017

Today, EASO presented its yearly reference report summarizing key developments that took place in the asylum field in the EU+ in 2016 as well as some more recent data of 2017. The launching of the annual report 2016 brought together a large audience, including journalists.
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Trefwoorden: EASO annual report

04 juli 2017

Today the Commission proposes an action plan to support Italy, reduce pressure and increase solidarity along the Central Mediterranean Route.

30 juni 2017

Today, the restricted Council of Ministers has approved the proposal of the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration to create a single registration centre for asylum seekers in Neder-Over-Heembeek.
Hoofdthema: Reception
Trefwoorden: registration centre

23 juni 2017

A tribunal in Brussels sentenced eight persons to suspended 15-month prison sentences and a €165,000 fine for trafficking in human beings and degrading treatment.

20 juni 2017

On the occasion of the United Nations' World Refugee Day, the European Commission is today releasing the 'EU Skills Profile Tool for Third-Country Nationals'. The tool is meant to support early identification of the skills of refugees, migrants and other third country nationals

12 juni 2017

Today, the Belgian Louise-Marie frigate departed from the port of Zeebrugge, starting its deployment in the Mediterranean sea in the framework of the EUNAVFOR MED – Sophia operation. The deployment will last until 28 July.

11 juni 2017

As from today Ukrainian citizens holding biometric passports can travel to the Schengen Zone without a visa for a period of 90 days within any 180-day period for purposes other than working.
Hoofdthema: Borders & Visa
Trefwoorden: visa-free travel

09 juni 2017

Justice and Home Affairs Ministers met on 8 and 9 June 2017. Home Affairs issues included the reform of the CEAS, European travel information and authorisation systems, Schengen information system, Information systems interoperability and return policy. The protection of children in migration was also put forward.

31 mei 2017

Today, the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration and the German Minister of Foreign Affairs signed a letter of intent to increase the cooperation of the two countries regarding monitoring beneficiaries of international protection who travel to their countries of origin.

30 mei 2017

An ordinance of the Joint Community Commission of Brussels - which was published in the Belgian Gazette today - establishes a mandatory integration programme for newcomers in Brussels. 
Hoofdthema: Integration
Trefwoorden: Brussels, integration programme