Publicatie datum: 01 mei 2019

This MPI Europe report explores the various forms of predeparture orientation programs offered by resettlement countries. It focuses on important design questions and identifies a set of features shared by effective programs.
Hoofdthema: Integration, International Protection
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: resettlement, assimilation

Publicatie datum: 08 november 2018

This research, commissioned for the eighteenth plenary meeting of the Transatlantic Council of Migration, an initiative of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), examines the entanglement of immigration with broader concerns about the economic, social and cultural effects of globalization, as well as the public’s growing lack of confidence in government to manage issues such as immigration.

Publicatie datum: 05 september 2018

This report provides a broad overview of recent trends in international migration flows and migration policies in OECD countries and some non-OECD countries.
Hoofdthema: Economic migration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: migration flows

Publicatie datum: 31 augustus 2018

This paper, which is entitled 'The EU’s New Migration Partnership with Mali: Shifting towards a Risky Security-Migration-Development Nexus', seeks to understand why and how the EU has been redefining its migration strategy regarding Mali.
Hoofdthema: External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: Migration Partnership

Publicatie datum: 01 januari 2018

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been producing world migration reports since 2000. This year’s edition presents key data and information on migration as well as thematic chapters on highly topical migration issues.
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional, External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: World Migration Report

Publicatie datum: 18 december 2017

The International Migration Report 2017 reviews the latest migration trends, assesses the demographic contribution of migration, examines the status of ratification of relevant conventions and summarizes recent developments on migration at the United Nations. 
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional, External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: demography

Publicatie datum: 01 september 2017

This report hightlights that global businesses can make unique and valuable contributions to refugee response by engaging refugees not as aid recipients, but as employees, producers, investees, and customers.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report

Publicatie datum: 01 juli 2017

This study by the Ethical Journalism Network and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) aims to understand the prevailing media narratives on migration in different national contexts. It looks at their strengths and shortcomings, and provides some insight into the interplay between editorial lines, political narratives, journalistic approaches and public discourse.
Hoofdthema: External Dimension
Publicatietype: Study
Trefwoorden: media coverage

Publicatie datum: 30 juni 2017

UNHCR developed a practical tool called "Stateless Persons in Detention: A tool for their identification and enhanced protection". The purpose of the instrument is to facilitate identification o persons in the context of detention who may be stateless and to support the achievement of solutions to their predicament.
Hoofdthema: Statelessness
Publicatietype: Study
Trefwoorden: statelessness, identification, detention

Publicatie datum: 01 mei 2017

This report shows how the lack of safe and legal pathways for refugee and migrant children feeds a booming market for human smuggling and puts them at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation.
Hoofdthema: Vulnerable groups
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: child protection

Publicatie datum: 06 april 2017

The Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community (AFIC) Joint Report 2016 analyses the irregular migratory movements affecting AFIC countries and EU Member States, cross-border criminality and provides an overview of the main regional security threats affecting the countries in the community. The report also presents a picture of the smuggling networks in Africa.

Publicatie datum: 28 februari 2017

The handbook highlights the complex implications of statelessness for individuals, states and societies, with good practices and recommendations aiming to increase engagement and progress in addressing this phenomenon by OSCE participating States.
Hoofdthema: Statelessness
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: statelessness

Publicatie datum: 14 februari 2017

Eritrea is de afgelopen tien jaar een van de grootste herkomstlanden van vluchtelingen en asielzoekers ter wereld. Het dominante verhaal dat deze trend verklaart, heeft betrekking op de combinatie van een zeer autoritaire en gemilitariseerde staatsstructuur, een oneindig en misbruikend nationaal dienstprogramma en brutale, wijdverspreide en systematische schendingen van de mensenrechten. Dit dominante verhaal is echter de afgelopen jaren steeds meer in vraag gesteld door degenen die beweren dat migratie uit Eritrea overwegend door economische aspiraties wordt gedreven en dat de Eritreërs eigenlijk een stagnerende economie ontvluchten die de burgers een levensvatbare toekomst ontneemt. Dit rapport, door Andreas Holm Røsberg en Kjetil Tronvoll, wil de verschillende visies op migratie uit Eritrea verduidelijken.
Hoofdthema: Migratie
Publicatietype: Rapport
Trefwoorden: economic migration

Publicatie datum: 01 februari 2017

This paper reviews existing theoretical and empirical evidence on the economic effects of immigration in developing countries.
Hoofdthema: Economic migration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: migration and development

Publicatie datum: 01 januari 2017

This report of the ‘Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion’ (ISI) explores the urgency of and opportunities for addressing childhood statelessness. Over 50 experts and organizations have contributed material – essays, interviews, photographs and more.
Hoofdthema: Statelessness
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: statelessness, stateless persons

Publicatie datum: 22 december 2016

This report presents an overview of the shifting of economic activity to developing countries and examines whether this shift has led to an increase in international migration towards developing countries.

Publicatie datum: 05 december 2016

In this paper, UNHCR sets out a vision for achieving a pragmatic and common approach to responding to refugees and migrants. The proposals can facilitate the development, over the long term, of EU-wide arrangements to address and respond to movements effectively.
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Publicatietype: Opinion
Trefwoorden: UNHCR, Common European Asylum System

Publicatie datum: 19 september 2016

This report provides a broad overview of recent trends in international migration flows and migration policies in OECD countries and some non-OECD countries.

Publicatie datum: 01 september 2016

This report sheds light on the truly global nature of childhood migration and displacement, highlighting challenges faced by child migrants and refugees in every region.
Hoofdthema: Migration, Vulnerable groups
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: migration of children

Publicatie datum: 20 juli 2016

This report by MPI explores the factors that can set the stage for public anxiety about immigration, and proposes a series of strategies to respond to these concerns.
Hoofdthema: Migration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: MPI, public anxiety, public perception

Publicatie datum: 20 juni 2016

UNHCR's Global Trends report finds that 65.3 million people were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015. This is the highest figure since UNHCR records began.
Hoofdthema: Asylum, Data & Statistics
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: global trends, UNHCR

Publicatie datum: 27 mei 2016

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) have developped a tool for measuring progress in migration governance structures.

Publicatie datum: 28 april 2016

This new study by ICMPD, "Targeting Vulnerabilities", examines the impact of the Syrian war on trafficking in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
Hoofdthema: Reception, Smuggling & Trafficking
Publicatietype: Study
Trefwoorden: displacement, Syria

Publicatie datum: 24 februari 2016

This policy-oriented booklet reviews OECD countries' experiences with the integration of refugees and humanitarian migrants. It is the first volume of the OECD series 'Making Integration Work', developed with support from Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: humanitarian migrants, Integration, refugees

Publicatie datum: 08 februari 2016

The report "Moving Stories" is published by the Ethical Journalism Network and reviews media coverage of migration in the European Union and in 14 countries across the globe.
Hoofdthema: Asylum, Migration