How does the media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on migration? (ICMPD)

This study by the Ethical Journalism Network and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) aims to understand the prevailing media narratives on migration in different national contexts. It looks at their strengths and shortcomings, and provides some insight into the interplay between editorial lines, political narratives, journalistic approaches and public discourse.

Seventeen journalists critically reflect on how their respective national media have addressed the challenge of reporting on migration. Their analyses are based on their insider knowledge and views of the realities of the newsroom, news gathering, editorial policies and various other constraints of professional journalistic work. As such, this study is the first element of a broader investigation into how journalists report on migration.

The study covers nine European and eight Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The objective of this project, financed by the European Union, is to support EU Member States and ENI Southern Partner Countries in establishing a comprehensive, constructive and operational dialogue, with a particular focus on reinforcing instruments and capacities to develop and implement evidence based and coherent migration and international protection policies.

Accumulating evidence-based knowledge and establishing effective communication in order to contribute to a more balanced narrative on migration is the horizontal and cross-cutting thread.

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Sat 01 Jul 2017
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