Publicatie datum: 01 mei 2019

This MPI Europe report explores the various forms of predeparture orientation programs offered by resettlement countries. It focuses on important design questions and identifies a set of features shared by effective programs.
Hoofdthema: Integration, International Protection
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: resettlement, assimilation

Publicatie datum: 15 april 2019

A new report published by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung shows how attitudes across Europe have changed before and after the 2015 migration ‘crisis’ and tries to explain what has driven those changes. Using data from the European Social Survey, the report’s authors find that, overall, perceptions of migration have remained both neutral and stable before and after the ‘crisis’. But there are a few countries that have become significantly more positive about migrants, as well as a few that have become significantly more negative.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: attitude towards migration

Publicatie datum: 22 maart 2019

Het Belgische Contactpunt van het Europees Migratienetwerk heeft het organigram van het institutioneel kader voor het immigratie- en asielbeleid in België geüpdatet. 
Hoofdthema: Migratie
Publicatietype: Rapport
Trefwoorden: institutional framework

Publicatie datum: 17 december 2018

This final report, realised by the Study and Policy Unit of the Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (Fedasil), describes the reception of vulnerable applicants for international protection with specific needs. It discusses how (field) staff define, identify and respond to vulnerability in practice. The objective is to develop a better understanding of the way in which Fedasil and its reception partners fulfill the requirement of Belgian and European legislation to meet the specific needs of applicants for international protection.
Hoofdthema: Vulnerable groups
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: reception, special needs, vulnerability

Publicatie datum: 05 december 2018

Dit rapport houdt het Belgische beleid op het vlak van terugkeer, detentie en verwijdering van vreemdelingen kritisch tegen het licht en presenteert recente cijfers. Net zoals Myria’s laatste migratieverslag focust het rapport op kwesties die verband houden met het recht op een gezinsleven van personen in detentie. Myria formuleert aanbevelingen om het respect voor de mensenrechten van die personen te verbeteren.
Hoofdthema: Terugkeer & Readmissie
Publicatietype: Rapport
Trefwoorden: detention

Publicatie datum: 08 november 2018

This research, commissioned for the eighteenth plenary meeting of the Transatlantic Council of Migration, an initiative of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), examines the entanglement of immigration with broader concerns about the economic, social and cultural effects of globalization, as well as the public’s growing lack of confidence in government to manage issues such as immigration.

Publicatie datum: 22 oktober 2018

Als onafhankelijk Nationaal Rapporteur voor België maakt Myria in zijn rapport Mensenhandel en Mensensmokkel al meer dan twintig jaar elk jaar een onafhankelijke evaluatie van het beleid. Dit jaar wijdt het de focus van zijn verslag aan minderjarige slachtoffers van mensenhandel en mensensmokkel. Het verslag focust op een bijzonder kwetsbare slachtoffergroep: Nigeriaanse minderjarige meisjes die door mensenhandelaars worden gerekruteerd in hun thuisland om in Europa in de prostitutie uitgebuit te worden.
Hoofdthema: Mensensmokkel & Mensenhandel
Publicatietype: Rapport
Trefwoorden: minors of age

Publicatie datum: 05 september 2018

This report provides a broad overview of recent trends in international migration flows and migration policies in OECD countries and some non-OECD countries.
Hoofdthema: Economic migration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: migration flows

Publicatie datum: 31 augustus 2018

This paper, which is entitled 'The EU’s New Migration Partnership with Mali: Shifting towards a Risky Security-Migration-Development Nexus', seeks to understand why and how the EU has been redefining its migration strategy regarding Mali.
Hoofdthema: External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: Migration Partnership

Publicatie datum: 26 juni 2018

In dit jaarlijkse rapport analyseert Myria de migratie-actualiteit en toetst daarbij het beleid en de praktijk aan het respect voor de grondrechten. Myria trekt daarbij conclusies en formuleert beleidsaanbevelingen.

Publicatie datum: 16 mei 2018

One of the greatest challenges facing twenty-first century Europe is the mass migration and integration of refugees who cross borders in search of safer lives. This report of the European Foundation for Democracy analyses the wide-ranging issues relating to the integration of refugees in seven European countries, including Belgium) and presents our key findings – both in terms of good practices and areas for concern – as well as recommendations for change.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: social inclusion

Publicatie datum: 20 april 2018

The updated country report on Belgium contains information on recent developments in case law and policy related to asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention of asylum seekers and integration of beneficiaries of international protection.
Hoofdthema: Asylum
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: asylum law

Publicatie datum: 03 april 2018

The GRETA report, covering the period from 1 January until 31 December 2018, stresses that labour exploitation is on the rise across Europe. Also in Belgium, labour exploitation appears as a predominant form of trafficking.

Publicatie datum: 01 februari 2018

This updated report assesses how the presence of persons in need of protection affect the local communities in terms of housing, education, local economy and social responses
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: local community, fundamental rights

Publicatie datum: 10 januari 2018

The third socioeconomic monitoring includes data from 2013-2014, enlarges the analyzed age group and includes new variables - such as the level of education - and themes - such as the public sector - to better understand participation in the labour market according to the origin.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report

Publicatie datum: 09 januari 2018

Over a period of two years, a UNICEF Belgium team collected the testimonies of 170 migrant and refugee children from 36 nationalities in reception centres and schools. The children talk about their experiences in their country of origin and their new environment, the disaster they fled for, the trials they endured on the way, their joy and sorrow. With this report UNICEF wants to build a bridge between the words of these young people, who are very keen on participation, and policy makers who are often far removed from their reality.
Hoofdthema: Vulnerable groups
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: unaccompanied minors

Publicatie datum: 01 januari 2018

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been producing world migration reports since 2000. This year’s edition presents key data and information on migration as well as thematic chapters on highly topical migration issues.
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional, External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: World Migration Report

Publicatie datum: 21 december 2017

Previous OECD and EU work has shown that even native-born children with immigrant parents face persistent disadvantage in the education system, the school-to-work transition, and the labour market. To which degree are these linked with their immigration background, i.e. with the issues faced by their parents? This publication provides new insights on the complex issue of the intergenerational transmission of disadvantage for native-born children of immigrants.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: second generation, arbeidsmarktintegratie, education

Publicatie datum: 18 december 2017

The International Migration Report 2017 reviews the latest migration trends, assesses the demographic contribution of migration, examines the status of ratification of relevant conventions and summarizes recent developments on migration at the United Nations. 
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional, External Dimension
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: demography

Publicatie datum: 09 november 2017

Myria (the Belgian Federal Migration Centre - an independent public body analyzing migration policies) has released its fifth MyriaDoc on Return, Detention and Removal of Foreigners in Belgium (2017).

Publicatie datum: 20 oktober 2017

This report reviews data relating to migrants' access to information on their rights in 19 reception and detention facilities of 8 EU Member States, including Belgium. It includes recommendations on how to make information provision effective.
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: human rights

Publicatie datum: 19 oktober 2017

Als onafhankelijk Nationaal Rapporteur mensenhandel voor België maakt Myria in zijn rapport Mensenhandel en Mensensmokkel al twintig jaar elk jaar een onafhankelijke evaluatie van het beleid. Dit jaar wijdt Myria de focus van zijn rapport aan de rol van internet en sociale media in mensenhandel en mensensmokkel.
Hoofdthema: Mensensmokkel & Mensenhandel
Publicatietype: Rapport
Trefwoorden: social media

Publicatie datum: 30 september 2017

This report points to the need for reform in the European asylum system. There is a need for a more balanced distribution of asylum seekers between the Member States and more uniform decision-making on asylum within the EU. The authors argue that a person seeking asylum should have the same chance of being granted asylum irrespective of the country in which the application is made. 
Hoofdthema: Asylum, International Protection
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: CEAS

Publicatie datum: 01 september 2017

This report hightlights that global businesses can make unique and valuable contributions to refugee response by engaging refugees not as aid recipients, but as employees, producers, investees, and customers.
Hoofdthema: Integration
Publicatietype: Report

Publicatie datum: 15 juni 2017

Myria's annual report "Migration in figures and rights 2017" highlights recent available data and it provides an analysis of a number of issues at stake in the field of immigration and asylum. Myria also addresses a number of recommendations towards the government on the respect of fundamental rights of foreigners.
Hoofdthema: Asylum, Migration
Publicatietype: Report
Trefwoorden: fundamental right, humanitarian visa