mei 2018

The Royal Decree of 23 April 2018 introduced changes with regards to extending or ending the stay of international students. It details – inter alia – in which cases an order to leave the territory can be issued to a student when he/she extends his/her studies in an excessive manner considering the results.
Hoofdthema: Study § Training
Trefwoorden: student

oktober 2017

Op 26 oktober 2017 werd de algemene beleidsnota asiel en migratie van de Staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie gepubliceerd. De beleidsnota brengt een overzicht van de belangrijkste verwezenlijkingen en beleidsprioriteiten op het vlak van asiel en migratie.  

september 2016

A decree of the government of the French-speaking Community – which entered into force today – introduces changes regarding the procedure of recognition of the equivalence of higher education diplomas and certificates obtained abroad.

juli 2016

Op 6 en 7 juli heeft het Slowaakse nationale contactpunt van het EMN - in het kader van het Slowaakse voorzitterschap van de EU - de jaarlijkse EMN conferentie georganiseerd. Dit jaar had de conferentie als thema duurzame terugkeer en samenwerking met landen van herkomst in dit verband.

mei 2016

An EU directive to harmonise EU entry and residence rules to make it easier and more attractive for people from third countries to study or do research at EU universities.

oktober 2014

Eurostat published data on first residence permits issued to non-EU nationals. A residence permit represents an authorization issued by the competent authorities of a country allowing third-country national (non-EU citizens) to stay legally on its territory.

oktober 2014

This website aims to inform persons who wish to find a salaried job, follow a professional training, become self-employed or study in Belgium about the recognition of foreign diploma.
Hoofdthema: Study § Training
Trefwoorden: diploma, recognition

september 2014

The joint European Commission-OECD report on Matching Economic Migration with Labour Market Needs shows that migration and mobility have a key role to play to address demographic decline and skills shortages in the EU.

september 2014

This request for a preliminary ruling concerns the interpretation of Article 12 of Council Directive 2004/114/EC of 13 December 2004 on the conditions of admission of third-country nationals for the purposes of studies, pupil exchange, unremunerated training or voluntary service.

juni 2014

The Immigration Office noticed the minimum monthly amount of livelihoods which is required from a student who wish to study in Belgium during the school or academic year 2014-2015.
Hoofdthema: Study § Training
Trefwoorden: livelihood, student

mei 2014

The school results of students in Belgium are still very much determined by their socio-economic and migration background. This is the key conclusion of the new analysis of the PISA figures on the educational performance of young people in Belgium.

maart 2013

Today the Commission proposed to make it easier and more attractive for non-EU national students, researchers and other groups to enter and stay in the EU for periods exceeding three months.