07 juin 2018

Today, 10 families with a humanitarian visa arrived in Zaventem. They will apply for international protection once in Belgium. They will be hosted in Christian communities, in cooperation with Caritas, during the first year.
Thème principal: International Protection
Mots-clés: humanitarian visa

05 juin 2018

Home Affairs Ministers met in Brussels and discussed inter alia the Dublin reform which gripped the political center stage of the broader asylum debate.
Thème principal: Asylum

01 juin 2018

Dans le cadre de la présidence bulgare du Conseil, le Point de Contact National bulgare du REM a organisé la conférence annuelle du REM du 31 mai au 1er Juin à Sofia. La conférence était consacrée aux défis et aux facteurs de succès dans la gestion des flux migratoires.

27 mai 2018

The Royal Decree of 23 April 2018 introduced changes with regards to extending or ending the stay of international students. It details – inter alia – in which cases an order to leave the territory can be issued to a student when he/she extends his/her studies in an excessive manner considering the results.
Thème principal: Study § Training
Mots-clés: student

16 mai 2018

In this report, the Commission is reporting on progress made under the European Agenda on Migration and the Commission's roadmap from December 2017, and is setting out further key actions to be taken.
Thème principal: Migration
Mots-clés: European Agenda on Migration

16 mai 2018

Eurostat published a statistical analysis on the number of unaccompanied minors who applied for international protection in 2017. the 31,400 applications represent an important decrease compared to previous years. 

27 avril 2018

Commissioner Avramopoulos has congratulated the EMN on it's approaching 10th anniversary in a speech. 
Thème principal: Cross-sectional
Mots-clés: European Commission

12 avril 2018

In a judgment handed down today, the EU Court of Justice responded to a Dutch prejudicial question on family reunification of (unaccompanied minor) refugees. Following the reasoning of the Court, an unaccompanied minor who attains the age of majority during the asylum procedure retains its right to family reunification.

12 avril 2018

Following the release of its EASO Guidance on reception conditions: operational standards and indicators in December 2016, EASO has just issued the EASO guidance on contingency planning in the context of reception.  
Thème principal: Reception
Mots-clés: EASO

28 mars 2018

Le Point de Contact belge du REM a produit une courte vidéo sur la thématique de l’emploi illégal de ressortissants de pays tiers, et les études du REM consacrées à ce sujet
Thème principal: Migration
Mots-clés: illegal employment

28 mars 2018

Two United Nations agencies are joining forces to combat migrant smuggling. They organized an event centering on a Joint Platform on Countering Migrant Smuggling.
Thème principal: Smuggling & Trafficking
Mots-clés: migrant smuggling

26 mars 2018

Following the adoption of the Cooperation Agreement on the Single Permit Procedure on 2 February 2018, different legislative texts have been adopted at the federal and regional levels in March 2018 to approve this Cooperation Agreement.
Thème principal: Economic migration
Mots-clés: single permit directive

26 mars 2018

Le gouvernement a approuvé le 24 mars 2018 un nouveau plan de réduction de capacité pour les demandeurs de protection internationale. Le réseau d’accueil actuel compte 23.815 places. Ce nombre devrait être réduit à 16.629 places en 2019, dont 10.044 places collectives et 6.585 places individuelles. Avec ce nouveau plan, le réseau retrouvera ainsi sa capacité d’avant la crise.
Thème principal: Accueil
Mots-clés: reception place

23 mars 2018

En février, Fedasil, l'Agence fédérale pour l'accueil des demandeurs d'asile, a signé un accord-cadre avec Enabel (www.enabel.be), l’Agence belge du développement (anciennement Coopération technique belge).

23 mars 2018

Les retours volontaires vers les pays d’origine sont en baisse. En cause notamment le nombre moins élevé de demandes d’asile ces deux dernières années.  
Thème principal: Retour & Réadmission
Mots-clés: voluntary return

20 mars 2018

Today Eurostat published the 2017 statistics on 'Asylum in the EU' on its website. It covers main trends and characteristics of first time applicants and first instance decisions on asylum applications for 2017 in the EU.  

14 mars 2018

La Commission européenne propose de réformer la politique commune de visas de l'UE. Elle rend également compte - et demande - de nouveaux progrès dans le cadre de l'agenda européen pour les migrations. Enfin, elle mobilise des fonds supplémentaires pour les réfugiés syriens en Turquie.

12 mars 2018

Today, March 12, 2018 the Law of 21 November 2017 (adopted in the Parliament on Nov. 9) modifying the Immigration Act was published in the Belgian Official Gazette and will come into force on March 22, 2018.   
Thème principal: International Protection
Mots-clés: asylum law

26 février 2018

Today, the Belgian Minister of Home Affairs, the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration met with the British Home Secretary in London to discuss the issue of transit migration.

23 février 2018

From 21 until 23 February 2018, the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration, Theo Francken, visited Guinea in order to discuss the questions of – inter alia - irregular migration and return.
Thème principal: Irregular Migration, Return & Readmission
Mots-clés: Guinea

20 février 2018

Today, Frontex published its Risk Analysis for 2018, which concentrates on the scope of Frontex operational activities and, in particular, on irregular migration at the external borders of the EU and Schengen Associated Countries.

09 février 2018

On 22 December 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon, in the name of the government, asked the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS) to carry out an independent inquiry regarding the risk in case of return to Sudan. The report was handed over to the government on 8 February 2018.   
Thème principal: Return & Readmission
Mots-clés: removal

01 février 2018

This portal allows any user – whether analyst, scientist, policymaker or interested citizen – to discover a wealth of migration information including data sources, relevant websites, stakeholder organisations, projects, networks and forums related to migration flows, trends and their impact on societies across the EU.
Thème principal: Cross-sectional

01 février 2018

New figures published today by EASO show a significant decrease in the number of asylum applications made in the EU in 2017.