25 octobre 2019

The conference 'From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0: Towards a new programme (2020-2024) for EU migration and asylum policies 20 years after the Tampere conclusions?' was held in Helsinki on the 24th and the 25th of October.

25 octobre 2019

On 22 October 2019, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) published the results of the survey conducted in the spring of 2019. The results show that especially the search for housing for beneficiaries of international protection is very problematic. The regulations state that, in principle, they must leave the Local Reception Initiative (LOI) within two months. As in the VVSG survey of 2017, half of the respondents do not consider this period to be feasible. For almost 1 in 5, finding housing within this timeframe very exceptionally the case, and only thanks to the possibility to extend the stay in the LOI twice by 1 month.  
Thème principal: Integration
Mots-clés: huisvesting, LOI's, discriminatie

23 octobre 2019

On 8 October 2019, Fedasil launched the new information platform www.fedasilinfo.be. The mobile website provides applicants for international protection (asylum seekers) in Belgium with reliable information in 12 languages, 8 of which include an audio version.

20 juin 2019

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, which is organized every year on 20th June by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Eurostat published an infographic on annual asylum data for 2018 . Eurostat also published its Asylum quarterly report. In the first quarter of 2019, the number of first-time asylum applicants slightly increased : 4% more compared to the 4th quarter of 2018.
Thème principal: Data & Statistics, Asylum

17 juin 2019

On 24 June 2019 (9:00 - 10:45), EASO will launch its Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU in Brussels.   
Thème principal: Asylum
Mots-clés: EASO

12 juin 2019

Today the English translation of the latest report on Human Trafficking and Smuggling from Myria was published. The 2018 report focuses on underage victims of trafficking and smuggling of human beings.
Thème principal: Smuggling & Trafficking

05 avril 2019

The Federal Public Service Interior has made a short video about foreign unaccompanied minors seeking international protection in Belgium.
Thème principal: Vulnerable groups
Mots-clés: unaccompanied minors

15 février 2019

Myria, le Centre Federal Migration, recrute un policy officer pour travailler pour le Point de Contact Belge du Réseau Européen des Migrations (REM).
Thème principal: Transversaux
Mots-clés: job vacancy

06 février 2019

Voluntary returns to the countries of origin are decreasing. Among others, this is the result of the lower number of asylum applications during the past years.
Thème principal: Return & Readmission
Mots-clés: AVRR Sustainable Return

12 décembre 2018

Le 12 décembre 2018, le point de contact belge du REM a organisé son événement annuel concernant la politique en matière d'asile et de migration. Les discussions ont porté sur les développements récents au niveau national et de l'UE dans le domaine de la protection internationale, de la migration légale et de l'intégration ainsi que sur les développements récents en matière de migration clandestine, de traite des êtres humains et de politique de retour.  

04 décembre 2018

The European Commission is presenting its Second Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings.
Thème principal: Irregular Migration
Mots-clés: human trafficking

19 novembre 2018

Le 26 octobre 2018, le secrétaire d'État à l'Asile et la Migration a publié le note de Politique Générale Asile et Migration 2018. La note donne un aperçu des principales réalisations dans le domaine de l'asile et la migration. 
Thème principal: Asile, Migration
Mots-clés: policy note

18 octobre 2018

Europol launched a new report about child trafficking. It provides a comprehensive view on who the victims are and who the criminal networks are that trafficking the children in and into the EU. 

29 septembre 2018

The Intergovernmental Conference to adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration  takes place in Marrakech, Morocco on the 10th and 11th of December 2018  
Thème principal: Cross-sectional, Asylum, Migration
Mots-clés: United Nations

26 septembre 2018

On 10 September, the Belgian Minister of Security and the Interior and the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration presented a 9-point action plan on the fight against irregular transit migration.
Thème principal: Irregular Migration
Mots-clés: transit migration, action plan

12 septembre 2018

In his State of the Union, President Jean-Claude Juncker presented proposals to ensure full EU solidarity on migration and better protection of Europe's external borders. The Commission is proposing to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard and the EU's Agency for Asylum and is proposing a targeted review of the Return Directive.

05 septembre 2018

This report provides a broad overview of recent trends in international migration flows and migration policies in OECD countries and some non-OECD countries.
Thème principal: Economic migration
Mots-clés: migration flows

11 août 2018

As of 11 August, irregularly staying families with minor children can be detained with a view to removal in family housing on the grounds of the closed detention centre 127bis.
Thème principal: Irregular Migration
Mots-clés: detention, child detention

24 juillet 2018

Today, the Commission is expanding on the concept of controlled centres as well as short-term measures that could be taken to improve the processing of migrants being disembarked in the EU, and giving a first outline of the possible way forward for the establishment of regional disembarkation arrangements with third countries.

17 juillet 2018

Today, the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration and his Tunisian counterpart signed an agreement which focuses on cooperation regarding migration and return.

28 juin 2018

The Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration carried out information missions in Albania and in Georgia, respectively in April and June 2018.
Thème principal: Asylum, Migration
Mots-clés: Georgia, Albania

20 juin 2018

The EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2017 provides a comprehensive overview of developments at European level and at the level of national asylum systems. Based on a wide range of sources, the Report looks into main statistical trends and analyses changes in EU+ countries as regards their legislation, policies, practices, as well as national case law. 
Thème principal: Asylum
Mots-clés: EASO, Common European Asylum System

07 juin 2018

Today, 10 families with a humanitarian visa arrived in Zaventem. They will apply for international protection once in Belgium. They will be hosted in Christian communities, in cooperation with Caritas, during the first year.
Thème principal: International Protection
Mots-clés: humanitarian visa

05 juin 2018

Home Affairs Ministers met in Brussels and discussed inter alia the Dublin reform which gripped the political center stage of the broader asylum debate.
Thème principal: Asylum

01 juin 2018

Dans le cadre de la présidence bulgare du Conseil, le Point de Contact National bulgare du REM a organisé la conférence annuelle du REM du 31 mai au 1er Juin à Sofia. La conférence était consacrée aux défis et aux facteurs de succès dans la gestion des flux migratoires.