Migration in figures and in rights 2016 (Myria-Federal Migration Centre)

Myria's annual report "Migration in figures and rights 2016" highlights recent available data, provides a juridical analysis on the issues at stake and lists a number of recommendations towards the government.

Myria's annual report "Migration in figures and rights", provides an annual overview of the demographics and of the situation of foreigners in terms of fundamental rights in Belgium.

It contains many figures to better understand the nature and evolution of migration: flows, stocks, reasons for the issuance of residence permits, international protection, economic and student migration, regularizations, detention and removals, acquisition of the Belgian nationality...

The report also contains a series of recommendations for Belgian authorities related to different challenges linked to migration. In particular, Myria has dedicated a special focus in the report to the European asylum crisis and focus on a comparison between the asylum crisis of the year 2000 and the asylum crisis of 2015.

You can find Myria's full report in Dutch and French on Myria’s website, as well as the press release.

Publication Date:
di 12 jul 2016