oktober 2019

The conference 'From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0: Towards a new programme (2020-2024) for EU migration and asylum policies 20 years after the Tampere conclusions?' was held in Helsinki on the 24th and the 25th of October.

december 2018

Op 12 december 2018 organiseerde het Belgisch Contactpunt van het Europees Migratienetwerk (EMN) zijn jaarlijks beleidsevenement rond asiel en migratie. Recente nationale en Europese ontwikkelingen op het vlak van internationale bescherming, legale migratie en integratie kwamen aan bod, alsook de recente evoluties aangaande irreguliere migratie, mensenhandel en terugkeer.  

december 2018

The European Commission is presenting its Second Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings.
Hoofdthema: Irregular Migration
Trefwoorden: human trafficking

september 2018

On 10 September, the Belgian Minister of Security and the Interior and the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration presented a 9-point action plan on the fight against irregular transit migration.

september 2018

In his State of the Union, President Jean-Claude Juncker presented proposals to ensure full EU solidarity on migration and better protection of Europe's external borders. The Commission is proposing to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard and the EU's Agency for Asylum and is proposing a targeted review of the Return Directive.

augustus 2018

As of 11 August, irregularly staying families with minor children can be detained with a view to removal in family housing on the grounds of the closed detention centre 127bis.
Hoofdthema: Irregular Migration
Trefwoorden: detention, child detention

juli 2018

Today, the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration and his Tunisian counterpart signed an agreement which focuses on cooperation regarding migration and return.

juni 2018

On the 31st of May and 1st of June, the Bulgarian Contact Point of the EMN - in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council - organized the EMN Annual Conference. The conference was dedicated to  challenges and success factors in managing migration flows. 

februari 2018

Today, the Belgian Minister of Home Affairs, the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration met with the British Home Secretary in London to discuss the issue of transit migration.

februari 2018

From 21 until 23 February 2018, the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration, Theo Francken, visited Guinea in order to discuss the questions of – inter alia - irregular migration and return.
Hoofdthema: Irregular Migration, Return & Readmission
Trefwoorden: Guinea

februari 2018

Today, Frontex published its Risk Analysis for 2018, which concentrates on the scope of Frontex operational activities and, in particular, on irregular migration at the external borders of the EU and Schengen Associated Countries.

december 2017

Vandaag heeft het Belgische Contactpunt van het Europees Migratienetwerk (EMN) een conferentie georganiseerd over de voornaamste ontwikkelingen op het vlak van asiel en migratie die zich hebben voorgedaan in 2017.

januari 2018

Op 9 november 2017 organiseerden het EMN en de OESO een gezamenlijke conferentie die bestond uit twee onderdelen: uitdagingen en mogelijkheden inzake gezinshereniging, en irreguliere tewerkstelling van derdelanders in de EU.  

oktober 2017

Op 26 oktober 2017 werd de algemene beleidsnota asiel en migratie van de Staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie gepubliceerd. De beleidsnota brengt een overzicht van de belangrijkste verwezenlijkingen en beleidsprioriteiten op het vlak van asiel en migratie.  

oktober 2017

Het Belgisch Contactpunt van het EMN organiseerde op 05.10.2017 een bijeenkomst te Brussel over de illegale tewerkstelling van derdelanders. Deze conferentie bracht toonaangevende experten samen voor een constructieve en stimulerende dialoog over deze interessante problematiek.

oktober 2017

In the summer of 2017, more and more transit migrants, who wish to go to the UK, were staying in the Maximilian park in Brussels. The Belgian government did not want this park to become ‘a new Calais’. A number of transit migrants were intercepted and detained. Because a lot of them were presumed Sudanese, a Sudanese delegation was invited to come to Belgium for identification. Left-wing politicians and NGOs stressed that the Sudanese regime’s human rights record is particularly worrying. Campaigns were organised to better inform the transit migrants. On 04.10.2017 these issues were debated in the Belgian Parliament.

september 2017

The European Commission published a mid-term review of what has been achieved so far in delivering the European Agenda on Migration. It also sets out new initiatives from the Commission to address key areas, and identifies where further efforts are needed in the coming months.

september 2017

De Internationale Organisatie voor Migratie (IOM) heeft data gepubliceerd over het aantal binnekomsten in Europa. In vergelijking met de 273.000 binnenkomsten die zijn toegekomen tussen januari en 27 augustus, zijn er ongeveer 121.000 personen toegekomen in dezelfde periode dit jaar. Bovendien, waren er geen bercihten van dodelijke slachtoffers in de Middellandse Zee sinds 9 augustus.   

juli 2017

Following up on the Commission's Action Plan to support Italy from 4 July, the EU Trust Fund for Africa adopted today a programme worth €46 million to reinforce the integrated migration and border management capacities of the Libyan authorities.

januari 2017

According to the Missing Migrants Project, an estimate of 7495 men, women and children migrants or refugees died or were reported missing across five continents in 2016. That is almost 20 victims per day and the number may not include them all.

november 2016

In october 2016, Fedasil has opened a new return desk in Charleroi, where migrants can receive information and assistance on voluntary return.

juli 2016

As from today 24 July, a EUR 200 administrative fine is immediately due and payable by foreigners at the border and EU citizens on the territory who irregularly cross borders/stay on the territory.

mei 2016

De Commissie heeft vandaag een aanbeveling gepresenteerd om de evenredige controles aan bepaalde Schengenbinnengrenzen met maximaal zes maanden te verlengen.
Hoofdthema: Grenscontrole & Visa
Trefwoorden: grenscontrole

april 2016

The Commission has announced today the approval of new actions in the Horn of Africa region under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.