Destination: Europe (Forced Migration Review n°51)

The 51st edition of Forced Migration Review is dedicated to the current migration crisis in Europe, which is examined from different perspectives (legal, practical, moral...).

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In the framework of the mass movements of displaced people that Europe is currently experiencing and its complex ramifications (national as well as pan-European politics, existing economic problems, xenophobia, fear of terror attacks...), the new issue of Forced Migration Review sheds a legal, practical, moral and experiential light on a variety of the multifarious issues and manifestations that make up this ‘crisis’.

FMR n°51 includes 43 articles on "Destination: Europe", including “Refugee protection in Europe: time for a major overhaul?” (by M. Stavropoulou), “The Mediterranean challenge within a world of humanitarian crises" (by W.L. Swing), “Safety, rescue at sea and legal access" (by S. Kessler), and “EU cooperation with third countries: rethinking concepts and investments" (by E. Collett).

The full issue and all the individual articles in this issue are available in html, pdf and audio formats (in English, French, Arabic and Spanish) here.

Publication Date:
wo 10 feb 2016