The Development of EU Policy on Immigration and Asylum: Rethinking Coordination and Leadership (MPI)

This policy brief of the Migration Policy Insitute (MPI) addresses the underlying mechanisms of policymaking around migration and asylum at the EU level and identifies areas in which the EU institutions must reform to have the desired effect on the ground.

This policy brief makes the case for adjustment to the underlying mechanics of policymaking in the European space, finding that migration and asylum policy debates must expand beyond the home affairs portfolio and become more of a whole-of-government concern.

The brief calls for appointment of a special representative on migration at EU level who can supplement the leadership of either the External Action Service or the Council President.

Aside from more effective leadership and coordination, the brief makes clear that Europe will need the resources to effect real change, both within the European Union, as well as with third countries. And the next phase of policy will be less focused on legislative change, with a greater need for consolidation, review, and implementation of the legislation agreed to thus far.

Author: Elizabeth Collett


Publication Date:
do 19 mrt 2015