Publication date: 10 March 2021

How do Member States ensure the protection of children in migration procedures, and what measures are in place in relation to guardianship, accommodation, transition into adulthood, and many more? This report from the European Migration Network (EMN), published on 10 March 2021, maps the state of implementation in 2019 of the recommendations laid down in the 2017 European Commission Communication on the protection of children in migration.  

Publication date: 26 July 2019

This brochure is entitled 'Action for Europe. EU projects to enhance security and effectively manage migration' and provides a snapshot into how some Union actions are addressing today’s migration and security challenges. It showcases the work being done. The snapshot is complemented by factsheets on individual Union actions.
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: AMIF

Publication date: 26 July 2019

This report provides a quantitative overview of migration in rural areas for the entire EU. It contributes to raising awareness of the poorly studied phenomenon of migration to EU rural areas, which is often neglected in research and policies.
Main theme: Cross-sectional, Integration, Economic migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: agriculture

Publication date: 26 October 2018

The European Commission has published the new "Feasibility study on sponsorship schemes as a possible pathway to safe channels for admission to the EU". Finalised in October 2018, its outcomes confirm that private sponsorship schemes can efficiently contribute to meeting the goal of promoting safe and legal channels of admission to the EU of those in need of international protection. The Commission will therefore consider ways in which Member States could be best supported in establishing such schemes.
Main theme: Migration
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: legal migration

Publication date: 29 May 2018

This publication takes stock of recent EU developments in the area of asylum, borders and external cooperation on migration.

Publication date: 01 July 2017

This study by the Ethical Journalism Network and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) aims to understand the prevailing media narratives on migration in different national contexts. It looks at their strengths and shortcomings, and provides some insight into the interplay between editorial lines, political narratives, journalistic approaches and public discourse.
Main theme: External Dimension
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: media coverage

Publication date: 28 April 2016

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the identification and understanding of what it means to be ‘taking into account the gender perspective, to strengthen the prevention of this crime and protection of the victims thereof’ as required in the Art 1 of EU Directive 2011/36/EU.
Main theme: Vulnerable groups, Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: gender, sexual exploitation

Publication date: 18 February 2016

This Eurofund report examines how policies in the areas of migration, the labour market and integration are coordinated within EU Member States, with a specific focus on the role of the social partners and local-level initiatives.
Main theme: Integration, Migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: Eurofund, policy coordination

Publication date: 05 January 2016

The Plan for 2015-2020 sets out concrete actions to prevent and counter migrant smuggling. Actions include setting up a list of suspicious vessels, enhancing exchange of information with financial institutions and cooperating with internet service providers and social media.

Publication date: 16 December 2015

This paper by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights seeks to provide guidance to policy makers and practitioners on the use of measures for asylum seekers and people in return procedures that do not unnecessarily deprive them of their right to liberty.
Main theme: Migration
Keywords: alternative to detention

Publication date: 23 May 2014

The Commission published the 5th Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum (2013) and the accompanying Staff Working Document, providing more information and statistics on developments at both EU and member State levels, the latter collected by the European Migration Network (EMN).
Main theme: Asylum, Migration

Publication date: 04 September 2013

This report, which was prepared at the request of the European Commission by the European Services Network (ESN) and the Migration Policy Group (MPG) focuses on the further development and use of EU immigrant integration indicators.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: integration indicator

Publication date: 24 June 2013

The 4th Annual Report, that was releases on 17 June 2013, analyses the 2012 and early 2013 developments in the areas of immigration and asylum and calls for a more coherent EU response. The Report is inter alia based on EMN annual reports 2012.
Main theme: Asylum, Migration
Keywords: annual report

Publication date: 20 September 2012

The Strategy, adopted on 19 June 2012, contains a set of concrete and practical measures that will support and complement the Directive 2011/36/EC whose deadline for transposition is 6 April 2013.

Publication date: 30 May 2012

Today, the Commission is publishing a Report on the 2011 developments in the areas of immigration and asylum.
Main theme: Asylum, Migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: annual report

Publication date: 03 May 2012

In a globalised economic environment, labour mobility both within the EU and between the EU and the rest of the world is a growing reality and necessity. Social security coordination is a system of rules aimed at facilitating such mobility.

Publication date: 29 February 2012

The Frontex Risk Analysis Network (FRAN) released its newest quarterly Issue 3, July–September 2011.

Publication date: 29 February 2012

The publication commissionned by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, offers a descriptive and analytical assessment of the use of social assistance by migrants in 19 European Member States.

Publication date: 15 February 2012

The study generates a checklist which aims to assist Member States in developing their processes for considering the return of children informed by national good practices.

Publication date: 08 February 2012

This Eurostat publication provides an overview of asylum applicants and first instance decisions on asylum applications for the second quarter of 2011.

Publication date: 19 January 2012

This report assesses the application of the Directive 2005/71/EC on a specific procedure for admitting third-country nationals for more than three months for the purpose of scientific research.
Main theme: Economic migration, Study § Training
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: Scientific Visa

Publication date: 21 December 2011

This Eurostat-publication provides a wide range of information on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of migrants.
Main theme: Data & Statistics
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: Eurostat, Immigrant integration, migration flows

Publication date: 27 September 2011

This Eurostat publication is providing a detailed overview of the asylum applications and decisions in the EU27 in 2011.

Publication date: 05 September 2011

In 2009, EU Member States issued about 2.3 million new residence permits to third country nationals, i.e. to non-EU citizens, a number that represents a decline of about 0.2 million compared with 2008.

Publication date: 23 August 2011

Here you can find the list of available EMN Ad-Hoc Query compilations.
Main theme: Ad Hoc Queries