EMN Conferences & Events


Networking with National Partners

The National Contact Point participates in and contributes to:

  • At least one annual National Network meeting bringing together national experts and stakeholders. The Commission, its Service Providers and colleagues from other EU National Contact Points may be invited to such events. The National Network meetings aim at developing and reinforcing the national network, further integrating members into EMN activities, identifying cooperation possibilities and creating synergies by sharing information and ideas on EMN work programme and priorities of action, activities and tools, study findings and research developments, data collection and analysis, policy developments in the field of asylum and migration and other possible issues.
  • Conferences, seminars and other events organized by National Network members, where the National Contact Point provides background information, makes presentations, disseminates outputs, etc.

Recent event of the Belgian National Contact Point:

8.11.2016 - Conference on labour market participation of beneficiaries of international protection

The Belgian National Contact Point to the European Migration Network (BE EMN NCP) produced a thematic report on labour market access and participation of beneficiaries of international protection. The report also focuses on labour market integration support measures. Due to high interest in this issue amongst policy makers, stakeholders and the wider public, the BE EMN NCP decided to organise a conference on this topic.

picture conference

The Programme of the Conference, PowerPoint presentations, pictures and more background information can be found via this link

Networking with National Authorities

The National Contact Point participates in and contributes to:

  • National Steering Group meetings in order to inform the directors of the Immigration Office, the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons and the Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism about EMN activities and to receive guidance and approval on future actions.
  • Other meetings and information sessions in above mentioned institutions in order to be updated on recent developments relating to the asylum and migration policy and practice in Belgium.


Networking with other EU National Contact Points

The National Contact Point participates in and contributes to various meetings:

  • At least six formal EMN National Contact Point meetings in order to discuss progress made towards achieving the goals set out in the work programme and to plan upcoming activities. They are often combined with training sessions on specific EMN activities, working group meetings like the Glossary and Thesaurus working group and from time to time ad hoc workshops.
  • Twinning meetings between experienced and less experienced National Contact Points in order to exchange information and best practices with partners.
  • At least twice a year Steering Board meetings to prepare and approve the annual work programme, review progress and advise national contact points, report on status and key findings, and approve arrangement for strategic cooperation with other entities.
  • Annual EMN Conference to inform a wide range of actors about its objectives, current and future activities as well as specific themes and to enhance the EMN visibility.

Recent Annual EMN Conference:

6.07.2016: Rethinking returns from the EU: Sustainable returns and cooperation with countries of origin

On 6 and 7 July, the Slovakian National Contact Point of the EMN - in connection with its Member State's Presidency of the Council of the EU - organized the annual EMN conference. This time the conference focused on sustainable returns and cooperation with countries of origin. More information can be found here



Networking with other EU Institutions & Organizations

The National Contact Point participates in and contributes to:

Other meetings, workshops and events organized by entities to develop coordination with relevant EU structures in the area of migration and asylum, inter alia Eurostat.