EMN Belgium

What is our mandate?

The National Contact Point (NCP) for Belgium, such as other EMN NCPs, is established and acts according to Council Decision 2008/381/EC. The latter provides that a national contact point, supported by a national network composed of a wide-range of organizations and individuals active in the area of migration and asylum, is designated in each Member State to facilitate the work of the EMN and to ensure the achievement of its objectives.

What is our objective?

With a view to contributing to providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum in order to support policymaking in these areas in Belgium and in the European Union and also to inform the general public, the Belgian NCP aims at:

  • understanding the information needs
  • ensuring and encouraging information exchanges
  • enhancing EMN's role in responding to such needs in an appropriate format

Who is part of the Belgian Contact Point?

The multi-institutional Belgian Contact Point includes staff members from the:

It is supported by a National Steering Group composed of the directors of the above mentioned institutions.

Who is part of the National Network?

Each National Contact Point cooperates with a national network, composed of organisations and individuals active in the area of migration and asylum, including, universities, researchers and research organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations and international organisations to enable all relevant stakeholders to be heard.


What does EMN Belgium produce?

  • Annual policy report, outlining the most significant political and legislative developments as well as public debates in the area of migration and asylum in Belgium
  • Studies, including 1 main study and up to 3 focussed studies per year, on topics relevant to policy development at Belgian and EU level, subsequently analysed in comparative synthesis reports
  • Inform notes (Inform) providing a brief summary of the main policy-relevant findings from a particular EMN activity or study
  • Quarterly reports (Bulletin) highlighting recent policy developments at EU and Member State level and any relevant information extracted from the EMN's existing knowledge, including to the extent possible, latest published statistics
  • Responses to short-term ad-hoc queries, responding to information needs for the development of a particular policy in a Member State and/or the European Commission
  • Glossary on Asylum and Migration, compiling terms and their definitions (primarily as given in the EU asylum and immigration Acquis)
  • Other information products, including information leaflets, newsletters, website.

How is the National Network involved?

Network members are involved in the preparation, production, implementation and dissemination of EMN activities and products. They are provided with various opportunities, inter alia:

  • Develop contacts and exchange ideas with national and EU experts
  • Make research & be awarded contracts for reports and studies
  • Offer their expertise and provide comments on themes at stake
  • Have access to the information exchange system
  • Participate in national meetings and events
  • Contribute to joint publications and projects