Publication date: 02 May 2017

How to stimulate unaccompanied young adult refugees’ inclusion in society? This report discusses cohousing and case management for unaccompanied young adult refugees in Antwerp (CURANT), a social policy intervention combining intensive individualized guidance, cohabitation with a local flatmate, training and therapy with the aim of supporting social integration. The stakeholders’ underlying assumptions are untangled, and the intervention’s core ideas are connected with academic literature.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: inclusion, social assistance, Social cohesion, Training

Publication date: 29 February 2012

The publication commissionned by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, offers a descriptive and analytical assessment of the use of social assistance by migrants in 19 European Member States.

Publication date: 31 May 2005

How did the reception system for asylum seekers develop in Belgium? What are its missions and responsibilities, its strengths and weaknesses? This study explores these questions and also looks in particular at the situation of applicants, including minors.