3rd Annual report on Immigration and Asylum (European Commission)

Today, the Commission is publishing a Report on the 2011 developments in the areas of immigration and asylum.

Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum follow the request made by the European Council when adopting the 2008 Pact on Immigration and Asylum. The third Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum (for 2011) highlights the main developments at EU and national levels to tackle these challenges, in particular to:

  • Ensure that opportunities for legal migration and mobility respond to the needs of the EU.
  • Continue work towards effective integration to fully benefit from the potential offered by migrants, not only in economic terms but also socially and culturally.
  • Respond to migratory pressures through the effective implementation of existing measures to reduce irregular migration, including through dialogue and cooperation with non-EU countries, solidarity with Member States most affected plus well-functioning border controls and visa procedures.
  • Achieve a Common European Asylum System in 2012 in order to provide protection to those who need it. Only via a coherent policy, which addresses all these aspects, can the EU fully benefit from the positive contributions of migration.

Information on developments at EU level were provided primarily by the Commission, with developments at national level based primarily on the information provided by National Contact Points of the European Migration Network (EMN NCPs).

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Wed 30 May 2012
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