4th Annual Report on Immigration & Asylum - 2012 (European Commission)

The 4th Annual Report, that was releases on 17 June 2013, analyses the 2012 and early 2013 developments in the areas of immigration and asylum and calls for a more coherent EU response. The Report is inter alia based on EMN annual reports 2012.

This fourth report highlights the main developments in 2012 to address challenges in these areas, as well as key figures about EU's migratory situation. Accompanying the report, a Commission staff working document provides a comprehensive factual overview of steps taken at both EU and national level.

Information on developments at EU level were provided primarily by the Commission, with developments at national level based primarily on the information provided by National Contact Points of the European Migration Network (EMN NCPs), including Norway, as part of its Annual Policy Report activity.

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Publication Date:
Mon 24 Jun 2013
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