Communication from the Commission on external dimension on social security coordination

In a globalised economic environment, labour mobility both within the EU and between the
EU and the rest of the world is a growing reality and necessity. Social security coordination is
a system of rules aimed at facilitating such mobility.

About this communication:

this Communication from the commission to the european parliament, the council, the European economic and social committee and the Committee of the regions has four aims:

  • To underline that migrants and businesses from third countries, who generally see the EU as a single entity, face fragmented social security systems which create obstacles in terms of entering, moving within and leaving the EU;
  • to make the case for promoting and strengthening cooperation between Member States so that a less fragmented approach to social security coordination with third countries can be developed;
  • to set out the various ways in which the EU rules already impact on the external dimension and to give clear guidance on the legal relationship between EU law and national bilateral agreements;
  • to describe the existing components of a common EU approach and to make proposals for developing this further.

This communication is available in Englisch, French and German. More background information can be found on this website.

Publication Date:
Thu 03 May 2012
Main theme: