Publication date: 07 July 2021

The management of data has become increasingly important over the past years, not in the least for the public institutions that are responsible for the applications for international protection. Today, the increased influx of applicants for international protection and the Covid-19 pandemic have increased the need for a more efficient system to collect, store, treat and share data. EMN analysed the state of play and the future developments in the field of data management in the asylum procedure between 2014 and 2020, thereby also taking into account the legal framework that surrounds the field of data management. Additionally, EMN Belgium published a standalone study that highlights the management of data in the Belgian asylum procedure.
Main theme: Data & Statistics
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: databronnen

Publication date: 25 June 2021

What kind of data is collected by EU Member States and Norway and how is the data managed in the different phases of the asylum procedure? This new EMN Study provides comparable information and examples from 25 countries on different aspects of data management, including data cross-checking against national and international databases, data quality accuracy, and data protection issues. It also maps challenges encountered, and actions taken to respond to them. The study contributes to capacity-building of experts working in the field of asylum and generates a better understanding of the policies and process in place across Europe.   The Belgian standalone study will be published in the week of 28 June 2021.
Main theme: Asylum
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: data in focus

Publication date: 20 January 2021

For many EU countries, seasonal workers from third countries are crucial to fill temporary, cyclical labour market needs. Since the adoption of the Seasonal Workers Directive in 2016, this specific category of workers can benefit from EU-harmonised admission policies and rights concerning their entry and stay. This study provides a comparative overview of recent trends in seasonal workers coming to the EU and Belgium, and the strategies and practices related to seasonal workers from third countries.

Publication date: 08 July 2020

Integration through acquisition of citizenship has become an important topic in many EU Member States in recent years, as the number of new migrants arriving in the EU has increased in recent years. The EMN study found that citizenship is seen by Member States as either the culmination of the integration process or as facilitating the integration process. However, in most Member States, third-country nationals are not actively encouraged to apply for citizenship. 
Main theme: Citizenship & Nationality
Publication Type: Thematic Studies

Publication date: 26 May 2020

These studies explore the types of national protection statuses existing in Belgium and the EU, as well as their key characteristics in terms of procedures and rights.
Main theme: Regularization, Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: protection status

Publication date: 18 December 2019

Over half of the EU Member States consider that attracting and retaining innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups from countries outside the EU will promote a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. What are the main pull factors and requirements for foreign start-up founders and employees? A new study from the European Migration Network reveals good practices and challenges from Belgium and 24 EU Member States.
Main theme: Economic migration
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: Start-Ups, Innovative Entrepreneurs

Publication date: 05 November 2019

This study aims to analyse the possible consequences on international protection status for individuals who travel to or contact the authorities in their country of origin.
Main theme: International Protection
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: end of protection status

Publication date: 23 August 2019

Attracting students from third countries and facilitating their entry into the national labour market is a priority to the EU. The EMN has published a study on 25 EU countries’ efforts to provide opportunities for international students.
Main theme: Study § Training
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: student migration

Publication date: 04 July 2019

EMN Belgium publishes a study on the socio-economic integration of people granted international protection in Belgium between 2001 and 2014. This report links administrative longitudinal data from the National Register and the Data Warehouse Labour Market and Social Protection.
Main theme: International Protection
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: socio-economic integration

Publication date: 29 March 2019

This EMN study aims to identify challenges, best practices and positive experiences in different Member States and Norway on the impact of visa liberalisation. The study covers Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries which have successfully concluded visa liberalisation dialogues according to the relevant action plans and roadmaps.

Publication date: 20 February 2019

This EMN study examines the measures in place in the Member States and Norway to facilitate the integration of third-country nationals on the labour market. The study also identifies good practices from public and private actors.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: labour market, labour market integration

Publication date: 10 September 2018

This EMN study provides an overview of the changes to national strategies, approaches and measures in response to  the  unprecedented  migratory  movements  to  EU  Member States and Norway between 2014 and 2016.
Main theme: Asylum
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: influx

Publication date: 09 August 2018

This EMN study focuses on the approaches to Unaccompanied Minors following status determination in the EU plus Norway. The study covers the period 2014-2017, thereby following up on previous EMN research on unaccompanied minors.
Main theme: Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: unaccompanied minors

Publication date: 08 August 2018

This EMN study aims at analysing the impact of EU rules on return policies and practices of Member States (including Belgium), and hence on the effectiveness of return decisions issued across the EU.

Publication date: 15 January 2018

The Belgian Contact Point of the European Migration Network has published a report on challenges and practices for establishing identity in the migration process. The report served as the Belgian contribution to an EU Synthesis report on the topic, which compares national policies, legislation and practices on the subject in 25 EU Member States and Norway. 

Publication date: 31 July 2017

This EMN study analyses the measures in place at (Member) State level to fight against the illegal employment of (regularly and irregularly staying) third-country nationals, possible obstacles in this field and strategies and good practices to overcome them.
Main theme: Migration
Publication Type: Thematic Studies

Publication date: 20 July 2017

Today, the Belgian Contact Point of the European Migration Network published a new national report on Family Reunification of Third Country Nationals in Belgium. The report served as the Belgian contribution to an EU Synthesis report on the subject, which compares national policies and practices on the subject in 25 EU Member States and Norway.

Publication date: 30 November 2016

This EMN study offers a comprehensive overview of policies and practices on the functioning of resettlement, humanitarian admission programmes and schemes, as well as private sponsorship programmes for refugees in the EU Member States and Norway   

Publication date: 15 November 2016

This EMN Study examines the policies and practices in place in Belgium and in the EU to encourage the return of rejected asylum seekers, identifying the challenges and good practices associated with return.
Main theme: Asylum, Return & Readmission
Publication Type: Thematic Studies

Publication date: 28 July 2016

Status changes are a relatively new field of study. This EMN-study was launched to collect information and knowledge on the existing possibilities for status changes in the EU (Member) States.

Publication date: 26 May 2016

This EMN study describes the labour market participation of beneficiaries of international protection and provides an overview of support measures that can facilitate labour market participation.

Publication date: 05 January 2016

This EMN Policy Brief presents key data on the irregular movements of people across the EU external borders and within the European Union itself, whether as asylum-seekers or as migrants, over the past few years and including the first nine months of 2015.

Publication date: 17 November 2015

This study provides information on the scale, characteristics, trends and patterns of migrant smuggling to the EU and analyzes the institutional arrangements, legal framework, policies and activities at international, EU and national level tackling this phenomenon.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Thematic Studies

Publication date: 30 June 2015

This study examines the interconnection between labour shortages in the Member States and labour migration policies from third countries to Member States.
Main theme: Economic migration
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: labour migration, labour shortage

Publication date: 04 June 2015

This Report presents the main findings of the 2014 EMN Study "Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors (UAMs)". The study aims to update the findings of the 2008-2009 EMN study on UAMs.