Publication date: 02 May 2017

How to stimulate unaccompanied young adult refugees’ inclusion in society? This report discusses cohousing and case management for unaccompanied young adult refugees in Antwerp (CURANT), a social policy intervention combining intensive individualized guidance, cohabitation with a local flatmate, training and therapy with the aim of supporting social integration. The stakeholders’ underlying assumptions are untangled, and the intervention’s core ideas are connected with academic literature.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: inclusion, social assistance, Social cohesion, Training

Publication date: 01 May 2017

This report shows how the lack of safe and legal pathways for refugee and migrant children feeds a booming market for human smuggling and puts them at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation.
Main theme: Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: child protection

Publication date: 24 April 2017

23 (Member) States provided information on how they are currently dealing with some aspects of directive 2016/801, in particular types of financial resources used by international students, the use of frozen/blocked accounts by international students, and approved/recognized organizations mediating au pairs. This ad-hoc query was launched by the Belgian Contact Point to the EMN.

Publication date: 17 April 2017

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, published today a press release with 2015 data on the acquisition of citizenship in the EU. The main conclusions are that EU Member States granted citizenship to fewer persons in 2015, and Moroccans, Albanians and Turks remain the main recipients.
Main theme: Citizenship & Nationality
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: acquisition of citizenship

Publication date: 06 April 2017

The Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community (AFIC) Joint Report 2016 analyses the irregular migratory movements affecting AFIC countries and EU Member States, cross-border criminality and provides an overview of the main regional security threats affecting the countries in the community. The report also presents a picture of the smuggling networks in Africa.

Publication date: 31 March 2017

This briefing provides a short overview of major developments relating to asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention of asylum seekers and content of international protection accros the countries covered by the Asylum Information Database (AIDA).  
Main theme: Reception, International Protection
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: asylum acquis

Publication date: 17 March 2017

This policy brief examines how the unprecedented influx of asylum seekers has led to the fragmentation of the Dublin system. The flaws of the Dublin system are analysed, and the Commission’s proposal for the recast of the Dublin system is looked into.
Main theme: Asylum
Publication Type: Opinion
Keywords: Dublin Regulation

Publication date: 16 March 2017

24 (Member) States provided information on their policies and practices regarding the application of the ‘safe countries of origin’ concept in their procedures for international protection. This ad-hoc query was launched by the Dutch and the Estonian Contact Points of the EMN.

Publication date: 15 March 2017

This report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) aims to encourage determined and effective action towards building a Europe that is truly inclusive, rights-based and fair.

Publication date: 01 March 2017

This report identifies concrete actions that could be taken to better leverage European Union soft law, funding, and knowledge exchange mechanisms to support cities’ activities when it comes to labour market integration.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: labour market integration

Publication date: 01 March 2017

The 17th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides up-to-date information on recent migration and international protection policy developments at EU and national level, including latest relevant published statistics.
Main theme: Asylum, Migration
Publication Type: EMN bulletin

Publication date: 28 February 2017

The handbook highlights the complex implications of statelessness for individuals, states and societies, with good practices and recommendations aiming to increase engagement and progress in addressing this phenomenon by OSCE participating States.
Main theme: Statelessness
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: statelessness

Publication date: 22 February 2017

The updated country report on Belgium contains information on recent developments in case law and policy related to asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention of asylum seekers and integration of beneficiaries of international protection.
Main theme: Asylum
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: asylum decisions, asylum law, asylum policy, asylum procedure

Publication date: 15 February 2017

We know surprisingly little about how NGOs and asylum lawyers conduct research for asylum claims. To close this gap, Asylos interviewed 20 asylum lawyers and NGO staff in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece and the UK  to understand the challenges of researching evidence, as well as the opportunities for improving the research process. Access the findings in our report
Main theme: International Protection
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: country of origin information (COI)

Publication date: 14 February 2017

Eritrea has during the last decade become among the largest producers of refugees and asylum seekers in the world. The dominant narrative explaining this trend refers to the combination of a highly authoritarian and militarized state structure, an infinite and abusive national service program, and gross, widespread, and systematic human rights violations. This dominant narrative has however in recent years become increasingly challenged by those who argue that migration from Eritrea predominantly is driven by economic aspirations and that Eritreans really are fleeing a stagnant economy which deprives the citizens of a viable future. This report, by Andreas Holm Røsberg and Kjetil Tronvoll, seeks to provide some clarity to this issue.  
Main theme: Migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: economic migration

Publication date: 13 February 2017

16 (Member) States provided information on their policies and practices regarding the implementation and execution of provisions of EU directives on public order and public security. This ad-hoc query was launched by the Dutch Contact Point to the EMN.
Main theme: Ad Hoc Queries
Publication Type: EMN Reports & studies
Keywords: public order

Publication date: 06 February 2017

In 2015 the Study and Policy Unit from the Federal  Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, started with a study into vulnerable persons with specific reception needs. The first phase of this study has been completed.  
Main theme: Reception
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: vulnerable persons

Publication date: 01 February 2017

The European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) published its first newsletter, with information on the KCMD, its recent activities and the Migration Data Catalogue and Dynamic Data Hub.
Main theme: Asylum, Migration
Publication Type: Newsletters

Publication date: 01 February 2017

This paper reviews existing theoretical and empirical evidence on the economic effects of immigration in developing countries.
Main theme: Economic migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: migration and development

Publication date: 06 January 2017

Le nombre de demandes d’asile introduites en Belgique en 2016 a diminué de plus de la moitié par rapport à l’année passée et le nombre de décisions prises par le CGRA a atteint un niveau record.

Publication date: 01 January 2017

This report of the ‘Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion’ (ISI) explores the urgency of and opportunities for addressing childhood statelessness. Over 50 experts and organizations have contributed material – essays, interviews, photographs and more.
Main theme: Statelessness
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: statelessness, stateless persons

Publication date: 22 December 2016

This report presents an overview of the shifting of economic activity to developing countries and examines whether this shift has led to an increase in international migration towards developing countries.

Publication date: 05 December 2016

In this paper, UNHCR sets out a vision for achieving a pragmatic and common approach to responding to refugees and migrants. The proposals can facilitate the development, over the long term, of EU-wide arrangements to address and respond to movements effectively.
Main theme: International Protection
Publication Type: Opinion
Keywords: UNHCR, Common European Asylum System

Publication date: 01 December 2016

A surge of refugees and asylum seekers has strained the continent. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) argues that managing the asylum procedure and integrating those refugees well, could not only mitigate risks but also benefit the economy.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: employment

Publication date: 30 November 2016

This EMN study offers a comprehensive overview of policies and practices on the functioning of resettlement, humanitarian admission programmes and schemes, as well as private sponsorship programmes for refugees in the EU Member States and Norway