Publication date: 01 July 2020

In 2003, the Council adopted the Long-Term Resident Directive 2003/109/EC in order to promote the integration of third-country nationals in legal stay in the EU. Fourteen years after its entry into force, EMN Luxembourg conducted a study on the implementation of the Directive in 23 EU Member States, including Belgium.
Main theme: Integration
Publication Type: EMN inform
Keywords: Long-term Residents, intra-EU mobility

Publication date: 12 September 2013

The Inform provides an overview of current mobility provisions within the EU acquis to encourage the mobility of third-country nationals. It explores challenges and barriers which affect such mobility.
Main theme: Migration
Publication Type: EMN inform
Keywords: intra-EU mobility, mobility rights

Publication date: 18 March 2013

The report explores how movements have responded to key changes such as EU enlargements, the end of restrictions on workers of new Member States and the economic crisis. The repot also examines the motivations for migration and impacts on labour markets.
Main theme: Migration
Keywords: free movement, intra-EU mobility