Moving Stories: International Review of How Media Cover Migration (EJN)

The report "Moving Stories" is published by the Ethical Journalism Network and reviews media coverage of migration in the European Union and in 14 countries across the globe.

In the framework of the refugee crisis and the growing media attention devoted to the topics of migration and asylum, the Ethical Journalism Network produced the report “Moving Stories: international review of how media cover migration”. It examines how media have reported on refugees and migrants in 2015 in a diverse range of countries, including a few European ones.

As stated in the introduction of the report, “the conclusions from many different parts of the world are remarkably similar: journalism under pressure from a weakening media economy; political bias and opportunism that drives the news agenda; the dangers of hate-speech, stereotyping and social exclusion of refugees and migrants. But at the same time there have been inspiring examples of careful, sensitive and ethical journalism".

The report identifies some problems and challenges linked to media coverage of migration related topics. It also proposes a series of recommendations to improve the way media outlets report on migrants and refugees.

The full report, which includes some interesting case-studies, is available here.

Publication Date:
ma 08 feb 2016