Publication date: 13 August 2013

This report examines the qualifications assessment process for foreign workers in regulated occupations and identifies several emerging policies and trends driven in part by industry and employers.
Main theme: Economic migration
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: qualifications, skills recognition, mobility

Publication date: 03 January 2013

This EMN Inform summarises the main developments in 2011 in legal migration and mobility. Topics addressed include statistics, promoting legal migration channels, economic, family Reunification and integration.

Publication date: 03 October 2012

This research project undertaken by Prof. F. Caestecker (University College Ghent) investigates the policy towards international students and the extent to which third-country nationals used opportunities to study in Belgium during the last decade.
Main theme: Study § Training
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: admission, education, mobility, student

Publication date: 17 June 2011

EMN presents its synthesis report of the EMN study ‘Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration ’. Source of this publication are the different national studies, carried out in 2010 by the National Contact Points (NCP's) of the EMN.

Publication date: 28 December 2010

Ms Joëlle Milquet, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Employment and Equal Opportunities responsible for migration and asylum policy, asked the European Economic and Social Committee to draw up an exploratory opinion on the role of legal immigration in the context of demographic challenges.

Publication date: 28 December 2010

What is the Belgian approach and policy regarding economic migration? This study addresses this question and examines the labour migration in Belgium from the point of view of combating labour shortages and/or labour demands.