Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration in Belgium (EMN)

What is the Belgian approach and policy regarding economic migration? This study addresses this question and examines the labour migration in Belgium from the point of view of combating labour shortages and/or labour demands.

About this study:

Belgium’s modest labour migration regime consists mainly of demand-driven case-by-case granting of temporary work permits. The labour migration regime is not specifically designed to combat labour shortages. Given the fact that Belgium has a significant labour reserve of both unemployed Belgians and unemployed immigrants, there is little enthusiasm to go beyond modest demand- driven labour migration.

This study is available in English only.

Auteurs: Ninke Mussche, Vincent Corluy, Ive Marx (Centre for Social Policy Herman Deleeck – University of Antwerp).

Publication Date:
Tue 28 Dec 2010
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