Publication date: 19 November 2013

This EMN Inform summarises the findings of an EMN AHQ to collect information on regulatory frameworks to manage the migration of TCN to the EU.

Publication date: 09 August 2013

This EMN Inform provides information on the use of quotas by Member States as a measure to manage labour migration from third countries.

Publication date: 17 June 2011

EMN presents its synthesis report of the EMN study ‘Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration ’. Source of this publication are the different national studies, carried out in 2010 by the National Contact Points (NCP's) of the EMN.

Publication date: 05 May 2011

The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) published a new Policy Brief about the EU's 2020 strategy

Publication date: 21 April 2011

How did the economic recession affect migration flows? Did irregular migration increase? Did remittances decline? This study examines the impact of the economic crisis on both emigration and immigration flows in Europe and policy responses put in place in EU countries.
Main theme: Migration
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: economical crisis, labour migration policy

Publication date: 30 March 2011

What are the immigration processes with which compliance must be ensured for the employment of third-country highlyskilled workers in different European countries? In which country are the migration processes the fastest and the easiest to comply with? The answer is to be found in this Laga study.