Developments in Legal Migration and Mobility in 2011 (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform summarises the main developments in 2011 in legal migration and mobility. Topics addressed include statistics, promoting legal migration channels, economic, family Reunification and integration.

This EMN Inform summarizes the main developments in 2011 in legal migration and mobility, based on national annual policy reports 2011.

Thedevelopments include inter alia:

  • Promoting legal migration; The EU Immigration Portal was launched in November 2011 and Member States provided information on the possibilities and conditions of legal migration.
  • Economic migration: the Single Permit Directive was finally adopted at EU level in December 2011. A number of Member States introduced new policies for labour migration. Continued efforts have been made to enhance the selectivity of migration policies in order to respond to labour market needs. Several Member States took steps to facilitate access to the labour market for different categories of third-country nationals. A  number of Member States and NO adopted measures to facilitate the recognition of skills and qualifications acquired abroad. Many  Member States took steps to increase the attractiveness of the EU for  highly qualified workers.
  • Family reunification: the Commission launched a public debate via the Green Book at EU level. Many Member States changed their family reunification regulations, adopting new provisions on the rights and conditions for family reunification, introducing new requirements for family reunification and promoting stronger integration.
  • Integration: The European Agenda for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals was adopted in July 2011 at EU level. National developments touched on different aspects of integration inter alia requirements for gaining nationality, the right of third-country nationals to vote in municipal elections and other rights affecting political participation or the introduction of citizenship ceremonies.
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Thu 03 Jan 2013
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