Publication date: 29 September 2013

This focussed study assesses whether Belgium actively attracts (highly) qualified third country nationals, analysing national measures and policies, their effectiveness and remaining challenges and barriers.
Main theme: Economic migration
Publication Type: Thematic Studies
Keywords: highly skilled workers

Publication date: 09 September 2011

The study of the Deloitte Belgium consultancy focuses on the immigration formalities for highly qualified workers from third countries in six European countries.

Publication date: 17 June 2011

EMN presents its synthesis report of the EMN study ‘Satisfying Labour Demand through Migration ’. Source of this publication are the different national studies, carried out in 2010 by the National Contact Points (NCP's) of the EMN.

Publication date: 30 March 2011

What are the immigration processes with which compliance must be ensured for the employment of third-country highlyskilled workers in different European countries? In which country are the migration processes the fastest and the easiest to comply with? The answer is to be found in this Laga study.