Today a new law enters (partly) into force inserting a general residence condition into the Immigration Act. The Immigration Office can now put an end to a residence permit if the person cannot put forward provable integration efforts.
According to the Missing Migrants Project, an estimate of 7495 men, women and children migrants or refugees died or were reported missing across five continents in 2016. That is almost 20 victims per day and the number may not include them all.
Enkele speciaal gemachtigde ambtenaren van de Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken kregen rechtstreekse toegang tot bepaalde delen van de Algemene Nationale Gegevensbank van de politie. 
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The Commission is today proposing to improve the Schengen Information System (SIS) to close information gaps and to contribute to a stronger control of external borders and sustainable EU Security Union.
On this International Migrants Day, Myria examines differences in gender related issues in migration, and provides key statistics in this matter.
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Het werkprogramma van het Europees Migratienetwerk voor 2017 - 2018 werd goedgekeurd door de Europese Commissie.
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The Commission recommends today that transfers to Greece should be resumed gradually, only for asylum seekers for whom Greece is responsible from 15 March 2017, and subject to individual assurances from the Greek authorities.
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Civil society organizations that have experience in the issue of migrants' access to Europe, services and rights, and that wish to actively contribute to the European Migration Forum, must submit their application form no later than today!
Wanneer12 december 2016
In october 2016, Fedasil has opened a new return desk in Charleroi, where migrants can receive information and assistance on voluntary return.
At 3pm today, the EMN presents the recently published study on resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes at the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.
Het Belgische contactpunt van het Europees migratienetwerk (EMN) organiseerde een conferentie over arbeidsmarktparticipatie van begunstigden van internationale bescherming. Het evenement vond plaats op 8 november 2016 in Brussel.
Wanneer08 november 2016
Today, the new agency aimed at strengthening Europe's external borders is legally operational.
Door de gedaalde instroom van asielzoekers wordt het Belgische opvangnetwerk afgebouwd en de implementatie van het nieuwe opvangmodel hervat.
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Today, the European Commission is reporting on the progress made on the relocation and resettlement schemes and the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement.
A decree of the government of the French-speaking Community – which entered into force today – introduces changes regarding the procedure of recognition of the equivalence of higher education diplomas and certificates obtained abroad.
On the occasion of President Juncker's 2016 State of the Union address, the European Commission today set out their view on how the European Union can enhance security in Europe by improving the exchange of information in the fight against terrorism and strengthening external borders.
Vandaag, 29 augustus 2016, is het Koninklijk Besluit van 3 augustus die de lijst van veilige landen van herkomst vastlegt, gepubliceerd in het Belgisch Staatsblad. Naast de landen die reeds op de lijst stonden afgelopen jaren, wordt ook Georgië nu als veilig land van herkomst beschouwd.
The European Asylum Support Office launched its first mobile app for smartphones and tablets allowing asylum seekers to quickly find information in English and various non-EU languages (English, Arabic, Sorani, Kumjani and Tigrinya) about the EU Relocation Programme.
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As from today 24 July, a EUR 200 administrative fine is immediately due and payable by foreigners at the border and EU citizens on the territory who irregularly cross borders/stay on the territory.
Today, the European Commission proposes an EU Resettlement Framework to establish a common European policy on resettlement in order to ensure orderly and safe pathways to Europe for persons in need of international protection.
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From 1 July 2016 till the end of the year, Slovakia will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union. A sustainable migration and asylum policy is one of the top priorities of the Presidency.
On 28 June, the European Council meeting focused on the political consequences of the UK referendum and addressed the migratory crisis among other pressing issues. On 29 June, the 27 heads of State met informally and issued a joint statement following the meeting.
A law published today in the Belgian Official Gazette increases the maximum time limits for processing applications for family reunification. It will enter into force on 8 July 2016.
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A law published today in the Belgian Official Gazette limits the duration of the residence permit granted to recognized refugees in Belgium. It will enter into force on 8 July 2016.
Today, a new law was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. It introduces several changes to the Immigration Act and the Reception Act, including on family reunification or searches in closed centres.
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