As of 11 August, irregularly staying families with minor children can be detained with a view to removal in family housing on the grounds of the closed detention centre 127bis.
Hoofdthema: Irregular Migration
Trefwoorden: detention, child detention
Today, the Commission is expanding on the concept of controlled centres as well as short-term measures that could be taken to improve the processing of migrants being disembarked in the EU, and giving a first outline of the possible way forward for the establishment of regional disembarkation arrangements with third countries.
Today, the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration and his Tunisian counterpart signed an agreement which focuses on cooperation regarding migration and return.
The EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2017 provides a comprehensive overview of developments at European level and at the level of national asylum systems. Based on a wide range of sources, the Report looks into main statistical trends and analyses changes in EU+ countries as regards their legislation, policies, practices, as well as national case law. 
Wanneer18 juni 2018
Hoofdthema: Asylum
Trefwoorden: EASO, Common European Asylum System
Today, 10 families with a humanitarian visa arrived in Zaventem. They will apply for international protection once in Belgium. They will be hosted in Christian communities, in cooperation with Caritas, during the first year.
Hoofdthema: International Protection
Trefwoorden: humanitarian visa
Home Affairs Ministers met in Brussels and discussed inter alia the Dublin reform which gripped the political center stage of the broader asylum debate.
Hoofdthema: Asylum
On the 31st of May and 1st of June, the Bulgarian Contact Point of the EMN - in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council - organized the EMN Annual Conference. The conference was dedicated to  challenges and success factors in managing migration flows. 
The Royal Decree of 23 April 2018 introduced changes with regards to extending or ending the stay of international students. It details – inter alia – in which cases an order to leave the territory can be issued to a student when he/she extends his/her studies in an excessive manner considering the results.
Hoofdthema: Study § Training
Trefwoorden: student
Eurostat published a statistical analysis on the number of unaccompanied minors who applied for international protection in 2017. the 31,400 applications represent an important decrease compared to previous years. 
Commissioner Avramopoulos has congratulated the EMN on it's approaching 10th anniversary in a speech. 
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional
Trefwoorden: European Commission
48 winning journalists will receive EU-funded contracts to produce a story focused on diaspora, labour migration, vulnerable groups or legal and irregular migration to counterbalance the narrative on migration.
Wanneer15 mei 2018
Hoofdthema: Migration
Trefwoorden: media, Euro-Mediterranean region
Two United Nations agencies are joining forces to combat migrant smuggling. They organized an event centering on a Joint Platform on Countering Migrant Smuggling.
Hoofdthema: Smuggling & Trafficking
Trefwoorden: migrant smuggling
Om meer aandacht te krijgen voor illegale tewerkstelling van derdelanders in België en de EU en voor de EMN studies hierover, maakte het Belgisch Contactpunt van het EMN een korte video.
Hoofdthema: Migratie
Trefwoorden: illegal employment
De regering keurde op 24 maart 2018 een nieuw afbouwplan van opvangplaatsen voor verzoekers om internationale bescherming goed. Vandaag bestaat het opvangnetwerk uit 23.815 opvangplaatsen. Dat moet in 2019 terug gebracht zijn tot 16.629 opvangplaatsen, waarvan 10.044 collectieve plaatsen en 6.585 individuele opvangplaatsen. Met dit plan keert het netwerk terug naar het normale niveau van vóór de opvangcrisis.  
Hoofdthema: Opvang
Trefwoorden: reception place
Vrijwillige terugkeer naar de landen van herkomst neemt af. De oorzaak hiervoor is het lager aantal asielaanvragen van de afgelopen twee jaar.  
Wanneer23 maart 2018
Hoofdthema: Terugkeer & Readmissie
Trefwoorden: voluntary return
In Februari, Fedasil, het federaal agentschap voor de opvang van asielzoekers heeft een samenwerkingsakkord met Enabel (, het Belgisch ontwikkelingsagentschap (voorheen de Belgische technische Coöperatie) getekend.
Wanneer08 februari 2018
Today Eurostat published the 2017 statistics on 'Asylum in the EU' on its website. It covers main trends and characteristics of first time applicants and first instance decisions on asylum applications for 2017 in the EU.  
The European Commission proposes to reform the EU's common visa policy. It also reports on - and calls for - further progress under the European Agenda on Migration. Finally it mobilises additional funding for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
Today, Frontex published its Risk Analysis for 2018, which concentrates on the scope of Frontex operational activities and, in particular, on irregular migration at the external borders of the EU and Schengen Associated Countries.
This portal allows any user – whether analyst, scientist, policymaker or interested citizen – to discover a wealth of migration information including data sources, relevant websites, stakeholder organisations, projects, networks and forums related to migration flows, trends and their impact on societies across the EU.
Wanneer01 februari 2018
Hoofdthema: Cross-sectional
New figures published today by EASO show a significant decrease in the number of asylum applications made in the EU in 2017.
Ahead of formal talks with UN Member States to begin on 13 February 2018, the UNHCR releases a draft compact including the comprehensive refugee response framework and a programme of action to translate policy into practice.
Hoofdthema: Asylum
Trefwoorden: global compact on refugees
Today, the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Benelux Union was officially launched.
Hoofdthema: Asylum, Migration
Trefwoorden: Benelux
Op 9 november 2017 organiseerden het EMN en de OESO een gezamenlijke conferentie die bestond uit twee onderdelen: uitdagingen en mogelijkheden inzake gezinshereniging, en irreguliere tewerkstelling van derdelanders in de EU.