06 May 2011

The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) launches a call for papers on research on migration and integration policy Deadline for papers: 19 October 2011

04 May 2011

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecila Malmström presented the paper at a press conference on 4 May 2011
Main Theme: Cross-sectional

18 April 2011

VALENTINA POP - EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - France on Sunday blocked the passage of Italian trains in order to prevent Tunisian migrants from entering its territory, a move promptly slammed by Rome. EU council chief Herman Van Rompuy meanwhile appealed for Paris not to "exaggerate" the migration issue

06 April 2011

Plans for an update of the asylum procedures directive for a more fair and effective asylum procedure throughout the EU were backed by MEPs.
Main Theme: Asylum

29 March 2011

This Eurostat Newsrelease is presenting an overview of the asylum trends in the EU27 for the year 2010.

21 March 2011

The Council adopted the new directive on trafficking in human beings as proposed by the Commission last spring

10 March 2011

The Belgian National Contact Point participated in an international workshop on “Migration challenges for pre-accession countries in South-East Europe” in Belgrade and gave a lecture on "The European Migration Network and other international instruments.
Main Theme: Migration

10 March 2011

The communication services of the CGRS and of Fedasil have jointly published, with the support of the European Refugee Fund, an information brochure “Asylum in Belgium”.

15 February 2011

The European Commission presented an EU agenda for reinforcing the rights of the child. It includes a series of concrete actions, including promoting specific safeguards and procedural guarantees for children seeking asylum and child specific reception measures.

24 January 2011

Commissioner Malmström presents Action Plan on visa liberalisation with the Republic of Moldova

21 January 2011

Returning asylum seekers to Greece violates the European Convention on Human Rights, says ECtHR

19 January 2011

The federal State Secretary for Migration and Asylum Policies Melchior Wathelet has given a pressconference presenting the asylum and migration policies in 2010 and providing an overview of some statistical data.

30 September 2010

To follow the progress of migrants in the host society and to identify the spheres in which policy measures should be taken, we must increase the asylum and immigration longitudinal data.