Reception Systems, their Capacities and the Social Situation of Asylum Applicants in Belgium (EMN)

How did the reception system for asylum seekers develop in Belgium? What are its missions and responsibilities, its strengths and weaknesses? This study explores these questions and also looks in particular at the situation of applicants, including minors.

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About the study:

The reception system for asylum seekers in Belgium consists of several facilities and arrangements, including group accomodation in open centres and different initiatives for private accomodation. Various actors, playing a specific role in the provision of places, including Fedasil, the Red Cross, NGOs and social welfare centers, identify some difficulties, including the management of mental health problems, promiscuity, lack of prospects, even more problematic as the asylum process and stay are of longer duration.

This study is available in English only.

Authors: The Belgian Contact Point of the European Migration Network
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Tue 31 May 2005
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