European Commission launches 'EU Skills Profile Tool for Third-Country Nationals'

On the occasion of the United Nations' World Refugee Day, the European Commission is today releasing the 'EU Skills Profile Tool for Third-Country Nationals'. The tool is meant to support early identification of the skills of refugees, migrants and other third country nationals

As part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, the European Commission has developed a Skills Profile Tool to support early profiling of the skills of refugees, migrants and other third country nationals.

What is it?

The Skills Profile Tool will be a first instrument for reception centres, integration services, public employment services and other organisations offering services to non-EU nationals to make sure their skills and education are recognised, and to further guide them to training, education or employment.

In addition to giving an overview of a non-EU national's skills profile – comparable with a CV – the tool helps migration organisations to identify individuals' specific needs for integration into the labour market. Ultimately this will simplify the process of matching jobseekers to vacancies.

Who is it for?

The tool is designed to help all recently arrived non-EU nationals, who have the right to stay in the EU, and the organisations supporting their integration. Namely, this tool is useful for education, training, employment and migration/ integration organisations, national or regional governments.

Key features

The tool will be available in all EU and EEA languages and in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Sorani, Somali and Tigrinya.

It will be possible to see two languages at the same time on one screen, reducing language barriers between case workers and the third country national. When information is not available in one of the chosen languages it will be presented in English.

The tool shall be available as a web-tool for PC and Mobile devices, and possibly in a mobile app.

Further information

For further information, please see the website of the European Commission.

Publicatiedatum: di 20 jun 2017
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