Eurostat newsrelease: Migrant integration in the EU labour market in 2015

The activity rate for non-EU citizens is lower than for nationals with a higher unemployment rate and a lower employment rate.

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Some key messages from the data:

  • In 2015 in the European Union (EU), the proportion of people economically active (employed and unemployed) stood just below 70% for non-EU citizens aged 20 to 64 (69.8%), while the activity rate was above 77% for citizens of the reporting country (77.3%), referred to as “nationals”.
  • In a majority of Member States, the activity rate of nationals was higher than for non-EU citizens, except for Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • Activity rates differ most between non-EU citizens and nationals in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany.
  • The employment rate for non-EU citizens aged 20 to 64 in the EU stood at 56.7% in 2015, while it was 70.6% for nationals.
  • The unemployment rate in the EU is more than twice as high for non-EU citizens (18.9%) than for nationals (8.7%).

These data come from a Eurostat in depth analysis on the integration of non-EU citizens into the labour market available through this link.

Publicatiedatum: di 07 jun 2016
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