Publication date: 04 June 2015

This Report presents the main findings of the 2014 EMN Study "Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors (UAMs)". The study aims to update the findings of the 2008-2009 EMN study on UAMs.

Publication date: 18 February 2015

18 (Member) States provided detailed national information and available statistical data on the detention and removal of unaccompanied and accompanied minors. This query was launched by the Belgian EMN national contact point.

Publication date: 31 January 2015

This is the Belgian Contribution to the EMN focused study on policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors. Other EMN National Contact Points (NCP’s) produced a similar report on the topic for their (Member) State.

Publication date: 25 July 2012

16 member states have responded on an ad hoc query on unaccompanied minors, providing an overview of statistical data and procedures regarding unaccompanied minors.
Main theme: Ad Hoc Queries
Keywords: unaccompanied minors

Publication date: 21 April 2011

Study on unaccompanied minors, carried out by the Risk Analysis Unit of FRONTEX. Amongst others, EMN and the Belgian organisation "Payoke" contributed to this study
Main theme: Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: unaccompanied minors