Publication date: 20 October 2017

This report reviews data relating to migrants' access to information on their rights in 19 reception and detention facilities of 8 EU Member States, including Belgium. It includes recommendations on how to make information provision effective.
Main theme: International Protection
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: human rights

Publication date: 03 November 2015

The handbook offers responses to fundamental questions on migration, such as those concerned with its root causes and possible responses in terms of good policies and practices, as well as the challenges.

Publication date: 07 August 2014

The key task of the Consultative Forum is to provide advice to Frontex on fundamental rights issues. The Annual Report gives an overview of the activities undertaken by the Consultative Forum in 2013 and contains the main recommendations made to Frontex and its Management Board.
Main theme: Borders & Visa
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: Frontex, human rights