Migrants' Access to Information on Their Rights (ENNHRI)

This report reviews data relating to migrants' access to information on their rights in 19 reception and detention facilities of 8 EU Member States, including Belgium. It includes recommendations on how to make information provision effective.

This report produced by the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions, highlights that the lack of effective understanding of the information provided, poor quality of interpretation/translation, lack of identification of (and information on) the special needs of vulnerable individuals, as well as the lack of training and qualification of the staff in reception centers are the main obstacles found.

ENNHRI recommends the relevant authorities to secure professional interpretation; to diversify the communication channels with migrants and the supporting tools; and to invest in staff training. Comprehensive monitoring and awareness of the importance of efficient information provision for migrants, both at national and European level, are key to any progress towards increased respect for migrants’ rights.

Please read the attached publication for further details.

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Fri 20 Oct 2017
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