Migration, Human Rights and Governance (Handbook for Parliamentarians)

The handbook offers responses to fundamental questions on migration, such as those concerned with its root causes and possible responses in terms of good policies and practices, as well as the challenges.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union, the International Labour Office and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, according to their respective mandates, have decided to produce this information tool for parliamentarians, but also for government officials and civil servants, and social partners and civil society.

The ultimate objective of this Handbook is to promote fair and rights-based migration policies, aligned with international norms and standards, in the interest of all migrants as well as host, transit and origin countries.

This handbook provides a step-by-step overview of the conditions, issues, tools and policy responses regarding international migration: Chapter 1 - International migration today, Chapter 2 - International law, migration and human rights, Chapter 3 - Elimination of discrimination and equality of opportunity and treatment, Chapter 4 - Key human rights principles regarding protection of migrants, Chapter 5 - Human-rights based governance of migration.

Each chapter concludes with a checklist for parliamentarians highlighting what they can do to contribute to ensure a meaningful, balanced and informed response to migration.

Publication Date:
Tue 03 Nov 2015
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