The Commission published its Progress report on the Implementation of the European Agenda on Migration

In this report, the Commission is reporting on progress made under the European Agenda on Migration and the Commission's roadmap from December 2017, and is setting out further key actions to be taken.

This report provides an overview of progress and developments on all work strands of the European Agenda on Migration since the Commission's last report in March 2018.

It also takes stock of progress made in line with the Commission's roadmap presented to the EU Leaders' Meeting in December 2017. This illustrates the comprehensive nature of the work and the need to maintain the intensity of the EU's efforts across the board. It also identifies concrete key actions necessary to ensure the continued effectiveness of the EU response. This includes the need for additional financial investment jointly from the Member States and the EU to support the EU action on the external dimension of migration.

This report demonstrates the need for continued action to address the challenge of migration and identifies where current action is insufficient and additional efforts are required. As set out in previous reports, the current situation confirms that the drivers behind migratory pressure on Europe are structural. Protracted conflicts such as the one in Syria are unlikely to reduce. Climate change is creating new reasons pushing people to move. Demography points to a long-term trend of growing populations in the EU's neighbourhood. This makes it all the more essential that the EU equips itself with the tools to be equal to the situation.

You can consult the report by clicking on this link.

Date de Publication: mer 16 mai 2018
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