The application of quotas for managing labour migration (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform provides information on the use of quotas by Member States as a measure to manage labour migration from third countries.

Some Member States (Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, UK, Norway) apply quotas or limits as measures to manage labour migration from third countries. The approach to quotas varies from hard caps (Austria) to softer targets.

Quota limits may be based on a percentage of national labour supply (Austria, Slovenia); permanent population (Estonia); the number of requests in the previous year (Hungary); and labour market assessments (Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, UK).

In many cases, quotas are included in bilateral and other agreements concluded with third countries for the purpose of labour migration.

Furthermore, the EMN inform provides more information on this topic, such as the recent changes in quota levels and on national debate in different member states on quotas.

This EMN inform is only available in English.

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Fri 09 Aug 2013
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