Publication date: 08 November 2017

Forced returns of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan have been heavily debated in Sweden. In this context, the Swedish Contact Point of the EMN has gathered and analyzed the information provided by 17 Member States, including Belgium, on this topic.
Main theme: Ad Hoc Queries
Publication Type: EMN Reports & studies
Keywords: forced return, Afghanistan

Publication date: 08 May 2017

This publication is based on social media research conducted by a small UNHCR team. Between March and December 2016, they issued weekly monitoring reports which have now been compiled into this synopsis.

Publication date: 17 August 2015

On 27 July 2015, UNHCR and Fedasil launched the report “All Born on 01/01” which examines the situation of Afghan asylum seekers residing in collective reception centres in Belgium.
Main theme: Reception
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: UNHCR, reception centre, Fedasil, Afghanistan

Publication date: 05 March 2015

In this dissertation to obtain the degree of Doctor at Maastricht University, Marieke van Houte shows that the expectations on which migration and development policies are based only apply to a small minority of returnees, who are not the group that is targeted by these policies.