All Born on 01/01 : A “Snapshot” Assessment of Afghan Asylum-seekers in Belgian Collective Reception Centres (UNHCR)

On 27 July 2015, UNHCR and Fedasil launched the report “All Born on 01/01” which examines the situation of Afghan asylum seekers residing in collective reception centres in Belgium.

Afghans have been among the largest groups of asylum-seekers in both Belgium and the European Union (EU) in recent years. This study examines the situation of Afghan asylum-seekers residing in collective reception centres in Belgium.

It is based on a series of consultations: in cooperation with Fedasil, UNHCR organized a series of visits to nine reception centres in late 2013 and early 2014 and conducted group discussions and bilateral interviews with 76 Afghan asylum-seekers living there - including unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) - as well as 24 staff members.

The study identifies a number of underlying stresses, tensions and frustrations which have sometimes been expressed in increased violence in the centres, and seeks to understand these issues better. It also contains recommendations for further improvements.

For further information, please visit UNHCR’s or Fedasil’s website.

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Mon 17 Aug 2015
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