New European Commission Knowledge Center dedicated to migration and demography

Today the European Commission launched the Knowledge Center on Migration and Demography (KCMD) to support migration and demography related EU policies.

Photo of launch event KCMD

The Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography (KCMD) is a new European Commission initiative on better knowledge management for sound EU policy making. The KCMD aims to be the point of reference to support the work of Commission services and Member States on migration and related issues. It will allow for analytical and networking activities accompanied by a repository of relevant research and new initiatives to deepen knowledge and understanding.

Concretely, in its first two years of operation, the KCMD will , inter alia: (i) produce analysis of migratory flows, root causes, migration incentives and determinants; (ii) map migrant communities at high spatio-temporal resolution; (iii) measure the impact of migration on economic growth, labour market, employment, wages, health, welfare, education, education, well-being and demographics; (iv) anticipate future demographic, economic and geopolitical trends to improve population projection methodologies, (v) analyse longer term mobility scenarios at the EU and global leveland and (vi) run model-based scenario simulations to measure their impact for the EU.

The Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography is the second to be launched after the centre on disaster risk management (September 2015). Another one on territorial policy will follow. The JRC has started creating specific knowledge centres in different areas of expertise where there is a clear and specific EU policy demand. With an ever-greater access to and amount of available knowledge, there is also a pressing need for systematic reviews and meta-analyses. This is necessary to make sense of the knowledge to inform policy-making.

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Publication Date: Mon 20 Jun 2016
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