Publication date: 03 April 2018

The GRETA report, covering the period from 1 January until 31 December 2018, stresses that labour exploitation is on the rise across Europe. Also in Belgium, labour exploitation appears as a predominant form of trafficking.

Publication date: 01 December 2017

This EMN Policy Brief examines trends in applications for international protection and irregular movements of third-country national migrants across the EU and Norway. It focuses on the period 2012 - 2016 and – where data is available - up to August 2017. This is an update of the Policy Brief published in December 2015.

Publication date: 19 October 2017

As independent National Rapporteur on trafficking in human beings for Belgium, for over 20 years Myria has carried out a yearly independent policy evaluation. In its latest report on Human Trafficking and Smuggling Myria focuses on the role of the internet and social media in trafficking and smuggling, but also on combating trafficking and smuggling human beings.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: social media

Publication date: 25 August 2017

This EMN Inform summarizes the main findings of the EMN study "The Illegal Employment of Third-Country Nationals in the EU".

Publication date: 08 May 2017

This publication is based on social media research conducted by a small UNHCR team. Between March and December 2016, they issued weekly monitoring reports which have now been compiled into this synopsis.

Publication date: 06 April 2017

The Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community (AFIC) Joint Report 2016 analyses the irregular migratory movements affecting AFIC countries and EU Member States, cross-border criminality and provides an overview of the main regional security threats affecting the countries in the community. The report also presents a picture of the smuggling networks in Africa.

Publication date: 31 October 2016

In its annual report, Myria examines the evolution and the results of the fight against smuggling and trafficking in human beings and provides recommendations. The 2016 report focuses in particular on the exploitation of begging.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking, Data & Statistics
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: Myria, Germany, annual report

Publication date: 19 October 2016

This EMN Inform provides an overview of the use of social media in migrant smuggling.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: EMN inform
Keywords: social media

Publication date: 07 June 2016

Among other findings, the report estimates that the annual turnover of migrant smuggling was worth an estimated USD 5 to 6 billion in 2015, representing one of the main profit-generating activities for organised criminals in Europe.

Publication date: 28 April 2016

This new study by ICMPD, "Targeting Vulnerabilities", examines the impact of the Syrian war on trafficking in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
Main theme: Reception, Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: displacement, Syria

Publication date: 28 April 2016

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the identification and understanding of what it means to be ‘taking into account the gender perspective, to strengthen the prevention of this crime and protection of the victims thereof’ as required in the Art 1 of EU Directive 2011/36/EU.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking, Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: gender, sexual exploitation

Publication date: 23 February 2016

This report presents migrant smuggling routes, the criminal networks, the links with other crimes and terrorism, illicit financial flows and the way forward.

Publication date: 07 January 2016

This is the first action plan specifically devoted to the fight against smuggling in human beings in Belgium. It includes concrete measures to be implemented in the coming years to address evolving challenges linked to human smuggling.

Publication date: 05 January 2016

The Plan for 2015-2020 sets out concrete actions to prevent and counter migrant smuggling. Actions include setting up a list of suspicious vessels, enhancing exchange of information with financial institutions and cooperating with internet service providers and social media.

Publication date: 17 November 2015

This study provides information on the scale, characteristics, trends and patterns of migrant smuggling to the EU and analyzes the institutional arrangements, legal framework, policies and activities at international, EU and national level tackling this phenomenon.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Thematic Studies

Publication date: 29 October 2015

This new EASO country of origin information (COI) report focuses on the modus operandi of the trafficking of Nigerian women to Europe for the purpose of prostitution and the situation of victims returning to Nigeria.

Publication date: 21 October 2015

In its annual report on trafficking and smuggling of human beings, Myria provides qualitative and quantitative data on these phenomena as well as a judicial analysis and recommendations. The 2015 report focuses in particular on victims of early or forced marriages and on victims of loverboys.

Publication date: 04 December 2014

This policy brief, produced by the Migration Policy Centre, focuses on immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean and related issues such as smuggling, sea routes, Mare Nostrum and risks encountered by migrants. It also provides statistics and data.

Publication date: 04 December 2014

This annual report on Human Trafficking, produced by the Federal Migration Centre, provides qualitative and quantitative data on victims of human trafficking as well as judicial analysis and recommendations to the new government.

Publication date: 02 July 2014

This handbook aims to strengthen the protection of children, specifically addressing the particular needs of child victims of trafficking.

Publication date: 31 March 2014

This focussed study examines the mechanisms for detection, identification and referral of (potential) victims of trafficking in human beings in international protection (including Dublin) and forced return procedures.

Publication date: 25 November 2013

This guide, made by women who have escaped trafficking and based on their experiences, provides information on trafficking in women and advice for potential victims and support-organisations.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking, Vulnerable groups
Publication Type: Report

Publication date: 13 November 2013

On 15 October, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism presented its 16th Annual Report on trafficking in, and smuggling of human beings.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Report

Publication date: 25 September 2013

Today, the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) published a report examining the efforts made by the Belgian authorities to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: GRETA, victims of human trafficking

Publication date: 13 August 2013

Based on more than 100 interviews with service providers, policymakers and former victims of trafficking, the study analyses and compares the integration measures dedicated to victims of trafficking in Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy and the United Kingdom.
Main theme: Smuggling & Trafficking, Integration
Publication Type: Study
Keywords: victim of trafficking, Integration