Annual Report on Human Trafficking, 2013 (Federal Migration Center)

This annual report on Human Trafficking, produced by the Federal Migration Centre, provides qualitative and quantitative data on victims of human trafficking as well as judicial analysis and recommendations to the new government.

The 2013 Annual Report on Human Trafficking aims at contributing to the EU 2012-2016 strategy that intends to eradicate human trafficking. This report is the 17th report on human trafficking in Belgium and the first one produced by the new Federal Migration Center that derives from the former Center for equal opportunities and the fight against racism. The report has also been drafted according to a different template and methodology that has been agreed together with the other EU rapporteurs on this issue in order to harmonize the national Annual reports on Human Trafficking.

The report first focuses on trends and profiles of victims of human trafficking. In 2013 in Belgium, 116 persons have been granted the status of victim of human trafficking and 72 persons have received a permanent residence permit.  

The second chapter of the report is dedicated to the outputs, outcomes and impacts of policies targeting human trafficking, including recent policital and judicial developments in Belgium, victims' identification and support to them as well as prevention.

Statistics and comparable figures collected from a broad range of stakeholders (police, judicial, social services, Immigration Office, centers for victims etc.) are presented in chapter three.

The fourth chapter is dedicated to case-law and latest judicial developments. Cases are classified as follows: human trafficking for sexual exploitation, human trafficking for economic exploitation and human trafficking for forced crimes exploitation.

The report ends with recommendations to the Belgian Government.

The report is presented here (in French and Dutch only)

Please read the full report (in French) here or enclosed.

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Thu 04 Dec 2014
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