Belgian Action Plan against smuggling in human beings 2015-2018

This is the first action plan specifically devoted to the fight against smuggling in human beings in Belgium. It includes concrete measures to be implemented in the coming years to address evolving challenges linked to human smuggling.

The Belgian Action Plan against smuggling in human beings 2015-2018 includes the following measures:

  • Reinforce legislative provisions to fight networks: Article 90ter of the Preliminary Title of the Code of Criminal Procedure will be examined to make it possible to use special investigation techniques in cases of non-aggravated forms of smuggling in human beings.
  • Intensify prosecution of smugglers: The COL 04/2011 relating to investigation and prosecution in the smuggling of human beings will be updated to foresee financial investigations in view of seizures and confiscations, particular investigations on material benefits and execution criminal investigations.
  • Identify smuggling related situations through cash flows and money laundering: An ad hoc working group will be set up to develop information tools on trafficking and smuggling in human beings specificaly for financial actors.
  • Pursue and diversify control actions: The number of controls undertaken on routes used by smugglers will be increased and EU joint controls will be realised based on Europol and Frontex analyses.
  • Better understand the phenomenon: Efforts will be made to ensure accurate encoding of data relating to smuggling related sentences; the CIATTEH will work on a data collection form for partners; and case law in the field of smuggling will be gathered and analysed.
  • Pursue training initiatives: The smuggling dimension will be added to existing (trafficking and other) training modules given by the Judicial Training Institute, by the Immigration Office, for Guardians and by the Ministry of Defense; annual informtion session on smuggling in human beings will be organised for the police who will also receive a factsheet on the subject. The smuggling of adults will also be included in training materials and initiatives for Fedasil. Where relevant, specific training sessions on smuggling may also be developed and proposed.
  • Disseminate information on risks relating to smuggling in the countries origin: A brochure will be developed to inform on the smuggling of human beings and its consequences (including concrete cases) and will be used in bilateral programmes. Instruments may also be developed to inform communities concerned in Belgium who relay information to fellow third-country nationals.

Please read the full action plan attached (in French) for further information.

Publication Date:
Thu 07 Jan 2016
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