New approaches, alternative avenues and means of access to asylum procedures for persons seeking international protection (LIBE Committee)

Upon request by the LIBE committee, this study examines the workings of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) in order to assess the need and potential for new approaches to ensure access to protection for people seeking it in the EU

Rather than advocating the addition of further complexity and coercion to the CEAS, the study proposes a focus on front-line reception and streamlined refugee status determination, in order to mitigate the asylum challenges facing Member States, and guarantee the rights of asylum seekers and refugees according to the EU acquis and international legal standards.

The study falls into several chapters and propose a number of recommendations. Chapters are designed as follows:

  1. Introduction: unpacking the “burden”
  2. Evidence-led policy making in the CEAS
  3. Current and proposed joint approaches to allocation, access to procedures, first-line reception and processing
  4. Legal constraints on first-line reception, Refugee Status Determination, joint processing schemes and distribution mechanisms
  5. Designing fair procedures and ensuring effective remedies: a proactive, interactive approach
  6. Possible solutions: giving meaning to solidarity and fair responsibility sharing
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Mon 03 Nov 2014
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