EMN Bulletin (August- November 2014)

The 9th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides updates on recent migration and international protection policy developments at EU and national level, including latest relevant published statistics.

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The 9th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides information inter alia on:

  • General Policy Developments, including the main conclusions of (1) the FRA annual Fundamental Rights Conference focusing on Fundamental Rights and Migration to the EU and (2) the International Metropolis Conference which dealt with a number of migration-related issues.
  • Legal Migration, including a Judgment of the European Court of Justice that, based on the EU Students Directive (Directive 2004/114/EC), doesn't allow Member States to introduce further conditions for admission than the one listed in the Directive. National developments are also briefly presented in the field of economic migration (e.g the Reactivation Employment Permit Scheme in Ireland), family reunification (e.g report on family reunification laws in the Netherlands) and student migration (e.g student exchange agreement between Poland and the Sultanate of Oman).
  • International protection and asylum and unaccompanied minors, including the two latest EASO's Country of Origin Information reports on South and Central Somalia and Chechnya Women, the EASO Quaterly Asylum Report for the Q2 2014, the UNHCR report on migrants perishing in the Mediterranean, as well as national developments (e.g reception facilities in Cyprus, temporary waiting allowance in France, resettlement of 127 Syrian refugees in Spain).
  • Eradication of trafficking in human beings, including the presentation of the EC mid-term report on the EU Anti-Trafficking Strategy, the report on joint actions in the field of trafficking in human beings, as well as national developments (e.g additional funds to be allocated to victims of human trafficking in Poland in 2015).
  • Schengen Borders and Visas, including the FRA reports on the respect of fundamental rights of third country nationals entering the EU through air and land borders; the Commission reports on visa-free agreements with Colombia and Peru, on the visa liberalisation roadmap with Turkey and on the situation of non-reciprocity in the area of visa policy. National developments (e.g Amendments to the Austrian Citizenship Act, Common Travel Area betweek the UK and Ireland) are also addressed.
  • External dimension, including the new Mobility Partnership between the EU and Jordan, as well as national developments (e.g infringement proceedings against Austria for not having properly implemented the EU Association Agreement with Turkey)
  • Irregular migration and Return, including the launching of the Joint Operation "Triton" by Frontex, the recent EMN Study on the "Use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of immigration policies", the Frontex Risk Analysis Report Q2 2014, as well as national development in the Netherlands (return policy and Ebola).
  • Integration and Citizenship, including the launch of the European Migration Forum whose first meeting will be held on 26-27 January 2015, as well as national developments (e.g certified email to reduce citizenship applications processing period in Italy, new basic civic integration exam in the Netherlands).

Please find more information and links to above mentioned documents and much more in the 9th EMN Bulletin

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