Availability of & Discussion on Data about the Position of People of Foreign Origin in Flanders

Miet Lamberts, researcher at the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA center) of the KU Leuven offers an analyzis of the immigration data in Flanders for the year 2011. It gives a specific point of view on how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of migrants take part in the Flamish society.

The study first elaborates on how and what is integration monitoring. It is being examined what criteria an integration monitoring tool should meet and how far Flanders stands in this regard.The study then brings together a number of recent figures showing the position of people of foreign origin in several societal domains.

The study concludes that the social participation of persons of foreign origin in the Flemish society is still less favorable than the situation of the native Flemish population. And even among people of foreign origin themselves, important differences are noted. Persons with a foreign - non-EU27 - nationality , especially women, are more likely not to enter the job market.

The study is only available in Dutch.

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Mon 02 Apr 2012
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