Annual Report 'Migration' 2010 (Centre)

The Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (Centre) published its fourth annual report 'Migration'. The Centre pleads for the third year in a row for a sustainable migration policy in Belgium.

About this report:

According to the Centre in 2010 important policy decisions on the field of migration and asylum could not be achieved. The Centre pleads for a globel approach to migration policy which has to be assessed on four curcial benchmarks to make it sustainable:

1) mission-based: are the objectives realistic, clearly formulated and founded on a wide public support?

2) rights-based: does the policy supports the adherence to fundamental rights?

3) tools-based: are appropriate means provided and adequate instruments deployed to achieve the formulated goals?

4) evidence-based: is sufficient data available to support the policy making process? Is a evaluation of the impact of policies guaranteed to make a policy adjustment possible?

The annual report illustrates and comments in seven chapter crucial aspects of migration policy and provides on each chapter recommendations for policy makers.

The annual report is available in French and in Dutch.

Author: Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism