Commission reports on progress made under European Agenda on Migration

Today, the European Commission is reporting on the progress made on the relocation and resettlement schemes and the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement.

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Progress on relocation and resettlement

  • One year after the entry into force of the relocation schemes, a total of 5,651 persons have been relocated from Greece (4,455, including 153 to Belgium ) and Italy (1,196, including 29 to Belgium).
  • Furthermore, 10,695 people have been resettled so far of the agreed 22,504 under the July 2015 scheme.

Progress made in the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement

  • There has been a sharp and continued decrease of people crossing the Aegean Sea irregularly : on average, 85 people arrive per day since June, in comparison to over 1,700 people per day in the month preceding the implementation of the Statement and 7,000 people per day in October 2015.
  • Return operations have continued to be carried out. A total number of 578 people have been returned so far.
  • The Commission has continued to accelerate the delivery of funding under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, having already allocated a total amount of €2.239 billion of the €3 billion foreseen for 2016-2017.

Progress on measures to restore Dublin transfers to Greece

  • The Commission also outlined – in its third recommendation - the steps still needed to be taken by Greece in view of a future resumption of Dublin transfers from other Member States

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Publication Date: Wed 28 Sep 2016
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