Commission proposes to create common EU Resettlement Framework

Today, the European Commission proposes an EU Resettlement Framework to establish a common European policy on resettlement in order to ensure orderly and safe pathways to Europe for persons in need of international protection.

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Today’s proposal will provide for a permanent framework with a unified procedure for resettlement across the EU. The EU Resettlement Framework will channel EU financial support towards a structured framework based on a common approach and procedures and away from the current ad hoc multilateral and national resettlement initiatives. While the Member States will remain the ones deciding on how many people will be resettled each year, by coordinating national efforts and acting as a whole, the EU will have a greater impact and will be able to contribute collectively and with one single voice to global resettlement efforts.

The new EU resettlement framework will be implemented through an annual EU resettlement plan (adopted by the Council) and operationalised by one or more targeted EU resettlement schemes (adopted by the Commission).

The annual EU resettlement plans will determine:

  • the maximum total number of persons to be resettled in the following year based on the participation and contributions made by the Member States and Associated Schengen countries ;
  • the broad geographical priorities from where the resettlement will take place.

Furthermore, the new EU Resettlement Framework will :

  • establish a common set of standard procedures for the selection and treatment of resettlement candidates ;
  • specify the common eligibility criteria for resettlement to the EU under the targeted EU resettlement schemes ;
  • set out common grounds for the exclusion of candidates ;
  • set the type of resettlement procedure (ordinary procedure or expedited procedure) which could be used.

To support Member States' resettlement efforts under the targeted EU schemes, the Commission will provide €10,000 from the EU budget for each person resettled. The funds will be allocated from the EU's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Resettlements outside of the Union resettlement framework will not be supported financially by the Union's budget.

For further information, see the European Commission’s full press release and the FAQ on the EU resettlement framework.

Publication Date: Wed 13 Jul 2016
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